31 outubro 2013


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EUA, brutalidade policial virou epidemia, mata 500 pessoas/ano. Impunidade é absoluta.
Pentágono em 1994 presenteou as polícias com armamentos projetados para um campo de batalha, e agora são usados contra cidadãos americanos. CUIDADO ! são cenas fortes de violencia.
500 innocent Americans are murdered by police every year (USDOJ). 5,000 since 9/11, equal to the number of US soldiers lost in Iraq. 
In 1994 the US Government passed a law authorizing the Pentagon to donate surplus Cold War era military equipment to local police departments. In the 20 years since, weaponry designed for use on a foreign battlefield, has been handed over for use on American streets...against American citizens. The "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror" replaced the Cold War with billions in funding and dozens of laws geared towards this new "war" against its own citizens. This militarization of the police force has created what is being called an "epidemic of police brutality" sweeping the nation.

29 outubro 2013


YouTube VIDEO, Voice of Russia, Global Research, InfoWars.
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BRICS rompem jugo: criam seu "linhão" submarino global para Internet, fora do espião EUA.
The NSA spying scandal created a need for a cyberspace hidden from the prying eyes of American spooks. While countries like Germany are trying to create a secure cyberspace built on current infrastructure, a consortium of BRICS companies are working to create a "new Internet". The Hindu, reports that Brazil is building a "BRICS cable" that will create an independent link between Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Russia. The length of the fiber-optic cable will be over 21 thousand miles, making it one of the most ambitious underwater telecom projects ever attempted. The cable will run from the Brazilian town of Fortaleza to the Russian town of Vladivostok via Cape Town, Chennai and Shantou.
The main goal of the project is to create a network inaccessible to the NSA, bypassing all parts of internet infrastructure located outside BRICS countries. While this ambitious project certainly has potential, it also has some inherent weaknesses. So far, it is not clear whether the project company has enough funds to finish it, although the Brazilian president has voiced her support for the cable's construction. It remains to be seen whether this political support will generate financial support from Brazil or from other countries. Another weakness is that the cable will only protect the data sent through it and won't help the people who use US-based web services like Google, Facebook or Yahoo because American IT companies have been willingly helping the NSA spy on their users. The last significant weakness is that the cable will still be vulnerable to eavesdropping by specialized American military units which learned how to intercept communications on underwater cables during the Cold War. It is possible that constant checking and patrolling of the cable will be required in order to protect it from US intelligence agencies or from the American military. All these weaknesses can be overcome through cooperation of BRICS political leaders, IT companies and maybe militaries. In today's world, privacy is an expensive privilege but BRICS countries are one of the few ones able to pay for it.


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EUA aniquilam sua credibilidade: criminosa espionagem maciça até contra seus próprios "aliados".
Alemanha, França, Espanha, Brasil, Canadá, Itália, etc.
Nem o próprio Papa escapou das criminosas violações.
The National Security Agency has come under an increasing amount of scrutiny following the highly publicized document leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. These leaks have merely confirmed what many of us already knew about the NSA’s widespread spying and surveillance activities. Snowden’s role like other high profile whistleblowers is certainly questionable considering his bizarre past with the CIA and other government entities but what is not questionable is the fact that the NSA is nothing more than the real life version of 1984’s Big Brother. The NSA is literally collecting information on everyone be they inside of America or outside of America andnew reports suggest that this even includes allied leaders. This has sparked an increasing amount of anger both domestically in America but in many places around the world. The United States already lost an unbelievable amount of credibility following the Obama regime’s debacle with Syria but now they have little to no credibility due to the sheer breadth and scope of the NSA's spying operations. Simply put, the NSA is really nothing more than a criminal and immoral institution. The justification for its existence as proclaimed by General Alexander and other authoritarians is absurd considering that international terrorism is a grossly exaggerated problem. Most of the major terrorist activity that has occurred in recent history has been financed by Western governments to serve specific imperialist agendas. Terrorist activity not financed by the West is blowback from a misguided perpetual war of terror that continues to be waged around the world by the American military. The countless drone strikes that have killed innocent people including women and children in this fake terror war are only helping to create a new generation of people who will hate and seek revenge against America. Much like the activities of the NSA, these policies are counterproductive and are only serving to ruin the moral standing of the United States.

The NSA’s activities along with other insane policies implemented by the Obama regime have completely destroyed America’s credibility on the world stage. It could be argued that the criminality originating from the NSA has been the most damaging. Foreign countries and foreign businesses are now viewing America as an unsafe place to do business and who can blame them? Why risk doing business in a country where there is no real expectation of privacy and where your private information might get stolen by the government? The only way for the United States to regain its lost credibility would be to abolish the NSA and profusely apologize for these immoral activities. It is unfortunate that this will not happen with the criminal regime that’s currently in power. 

23 outubro 2013


YouTube VIDEO - The Blaze , Ron Paul - Oct 2013 - clique aqui.
"Não é democracia, é partido único com duas alas. Logo vem colapso. E depois? ditadura?".
Paul said with a laugh. "I say it's time for a second party. Because we just have one party there, they're the same on all the big issues." .Paul said the Republicans and Democrats "argue over power," but not really the direction of the country. Paul asserted: "I think the crisis is going to come much sooner... the collapse is coming, and then the question is what are we going to rebuild it with?" "Are we going to allow the authoritarians who destroyed our system to rebuild it and put it into another one, and then have another dictatorship of sorts? Or are we going to reform, refine, and do an even better job than the Founders did and work in the direction of personal liberty?" he asked. "And that of course is the side that I'm on, and I tend to be optimistic that a lot of people are joining us in this effort."


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Bilionários já desovam ações no pré-colapso: "é certeza integral", 
diz R. Weidemer, renomado economista.
It starts with the reckless strategy of the Federal Reserve to print a massive amount of money out of thin air in an attempt to stimulate the economy. “These funds haven’t made it into the markets and the economy yet. But it is a mathematical certainty that once the dam breaks, and this money passes through the reserves and hits the markets, inflation will surge,” said Wiedemer. “Once you hit 10% inflation, 10-year Treasury bonds lose about half their value. And by 20%, any value is all but gone. Interest rates will increase dramatically at this point, and that will cause real estate values to collapse. And the stock market will collapse as a consequence of these other problems.” 

And this is where Wiedemer explains why Buffett, Paulson, and Soros could be dumping U.S. stocks: “Companies will be spending more money on borrowing costs than business expansion costs. That means lower profit margins, lower dividends, and less hiring. Plus, more layoffs.” No investors, let alone billionaires, will want to own stocks with falling profit margins and shrinking dividends. So if that’s why Buffett, Paulson, and Soros are dumping stocks, they have decided to cash out early and leave Main Street investors holding the bag.

21 outubro 2013


Yahoo! Finance, CNBC News - Oct 2013 - clique aqui.
"Bolha colossal, eles imprimem dinheiro do nada. De 85bi/mês logo sobe a 150, 200 e 1 trilhão".
Marc Faber, bilionário investidor.
Marc Faber, publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, told CNBC on Monday that investors are asking the wrong question about when the Federal Reserve will taper its massive bond-buying program. They should be asking when the central bank will be increasing it, he argued. "The question is not tapering. The question is at what point will they increase the asset purchases to say $150 [billion] , $200 [billion], a trillion dollars a month," Faber said in a " Squawk Box " interview. The Fed-which is currently buying $85 billion worth of bonds every month-will hold its October meeting next week to deliberate the future of its asset purchases known as quantitative easing . Faber has been predicting so-called "QE infinity" because "every government program that is introduced under urgency and as a temporary measure is always permanent." 

He also said, "The Fed has boxed itself into a position where there is no exit strategy." "We are the bubble. We have a colossal asset bubble in the world [and] a leverage or a debt bubble." Back in April 2012, Faber said the world will face "massive wealth destruction" in which "well to-do people will lose up to 50 percent of their total wealth." 

19 outubro 2013


Democracy Now - Oct 2013 - clique aqui.
TV: Para opinar sobre guerras, os "comentaristas" são agentes ocultos das indústrias de armas.
Principal comentarista é acionista de indústria de mísseis.
new research shows many so-called experts who appeared on television making the case for U.S. strikes on Syria had undisclosed ties to military contractors. A new report by the Public Accountability Initiative identifies 22 commentators with industry ties. While they appeared on television or were quoted as experts 111 times, their links to military firms were disclosed only 13 of those times. The report focuses largely on Stephen Hadley, who served as national security adviser to President George W. Bush. During the debate on Syria, he appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg TV. None of these stations informed viewers that Hadley currently serves as a director of the weapons manufacturer Raytheon that makes Tomahawk cruise missiles widely touted as the weapon of choice for bombing Syria. He also owns over 11,000 shares of Raytheon stock, which traded at all-time highs during the Syria debate.

17 outubro 2013


Natural News, InfoWars - Oct 2013 - clik 1 - clik 2.
EUA, disparou-se um alarme: 
mega-banco limita saques e proibe saída de dinheiro do país.
Controle de capitais é medida anti-colapso de terceiro mundo.
Numerous business customers with Chase BusinessSelect Checking and Chase BusinessClassic accounts have received letters over the past week informing them that cash activity (both deposits and withdrawals) will be limited to a $50,000 total per statement cycle from November 17 onwards. The letter reads;
Dear Business Customer,
Starting November 17, 2013:
- You will no longer be able to send international wire transfers. You will still be able to send domestic wires and receive both domestic and international wires. We’ll cancel any international wire transfers, including reccurring ones, you scheduled to be sent after this date.
- Your cash activity limit for these accounts(s) will be $50,000 per statement cycle, per account. Cash activity is the combined total of cash deposits made at branches, night drops and ATMs and cash withdrawals made at branches (including purchases of money orders) and ATMs.


Veterans Now - 15 Oct 2013 - clique aqui.
Putin desarmou na Síria o pavio detonador da 3a Guerra Mundial, por enquanto. Tem continuação.
Cinco destróiers-EUA a atacar Síria, encaram frota russa mais quatro cruzadores chineses. No pré-disparo, EUA recuaram mísseis : seriam cegados, maciça onda de interferencia eletronica russa. Receando mísseis anti-navio, destróiers-EUA recuaram.
World War III almost occurred as the banksters wished it. American hegemony is over. The bully has been subdued. With the Syrian crisis, the world has passed a key forking of modern history. Miraculously, the Russians won in this mighty tug-of-war. Russia would be proven irrelevant, all talk and no action, as important as Bolivia. Geopolitically the war was getting too close to Russian borders. The chances for total war were high, as the steely wills of America and Eurasia had crossed in the Eastern Mediterranean. The most dramatic event of September 2013 was the high-noon stand-off near the Levantine shore, with five US destroyers pointing their Tomahawks towards Damascus and facing them – the Russian flotilla of eleven ships led by the carrier-killer Missile Cruiser Moskva and supported by Chinese warships. 
Apparently, two missiles were launched towards the Syrian coast, and both failed to reach their destination. It was claimed by a Lebanese newspaper quoting diplomatic sources that the missiles were launched from a NATO air base in Spain and they were shot down by the Russian ship-based sea-to-air defence system. Another explanation proposed by the Asia Times says the Russians employed their cheap and powerful GPS jammers to render the expensive Tomahawks helpless, by disorienting them and causing them to fail. The behemoth might of the US military can still wreck havoc; a wounded beast is the most dangerous one. 

Míssil supersônico russo.

13 outubro 2013


YouTube VIDEO - Storm Clouds Gathering - May 2013 - clique aqui.
Defesa global anti-parasitismo do dólar pode levar EUA deflagrar 3a Guerra Mundial.


Fox News, Xinhua News, I.B. Times - 13 Oct 2013 - clik 1 - clik 2 - clik 3
EUA EM CRISE, aí China bate pesado: "hipócrita, traz caos ao mundo por interesses próprios".
"Desmoralizado, pratica tortura, ataques drones, espiona civis e líderes mundiais".
China’s official news agency is calling for a “de-Americanized world,” in a blistering editorial characterizing the United States as a “meddling” and “hypocritical” nation that introduces chaos into the world for its own ends. “As U.S. politicians of both political parties are still shuffling back and forth between the White House and the Capitol Hill without striking a viable deal to bring normality to the body politic they brag about, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world,” writes the Xinhua News Agency. 
“Meanwhile, the U.S. government has gone to all lengths to appear before the world as the one that claims the moral high ground, yet covertly doing things that are as audacious as torturing prisoners of war, slaying civilians in drone attacks, and spying on world leaders. The article, published Sunday, specifically references how, “the world is still crawling its way out of an economic disaster thanks to the voracious Wall Street elites,” as perceived failed policies in Iraq. “Such alarming days when the destinies of others are in the hands of a hypocritical nation have to be terminated, and a new world order should be put in place, according to which all nations, big or small, poor or rich, can have their key interests respected and protected on an equal footing,” writes Xinhua. “Under what is known as the Pax-Americana, we fail to see a world where the United States is helping to defuse violence and conflicts, reduce poor and displaced population, and bring about real, lasting peace.”
"Um novo sistema financeiro mundial deve ser construído".
Apart from that, the world's financial system also has to embrace some substantial reforms. The developing and emerging market economies need to have more say in major international financial institutions including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, so that they could better reflect the transformations of the global economic and political landscape. 
What may also be included as a key part of an effective reform is the introduction of a new international reserve currency that is to be created to replace the dominant U.S. dollar, so that the international community could permanently stay away from the spillover of the intensifying domestic political turmoil in the United States. Of course, the purpose of promoting these changes is not to completely toss the United States aside, which is also impossible. Rather, it is to encourage Washington to play a much more constructive role in addressing global affairs. And among all options, it is suggested that the beltway politicians first begin with ending the pernicious impasse.

12 outubro 2013


Agencia Reuters, Financial Times, Times of India, China Daily.
10 Oct 2013 - clik 1 - clik 2 - clik 3 - clik 4 - clik 5
ÚLTIMO PREGO NO CAIXÃO: China e Europa enxotam dólar do seu comércio bilateral.
BEIJING: China has signed a $57 billion currency swap agreement bringing about an "alliance" between the Yuan and the Euro. The agreement, which also involved the European Central Bank, allows businesses to ignore the US dollar and make settlements between the Euro and Yuan.

This is the largest currency deal for China, which is striving to make the Yuan an international currency. China recently inked a currency swap deal worth $32 billion during president Xi Jingping's visit to Jakarta. "The swap arrangement has been established in the context of rapidly growing bilateral trade and investment between the euro area and China, as well as the need to ensure the stability of financial markets," the European Central Bank said.The three-year swap is intended to serve as a backstop facility to ensure the yuan's liquidity and financial stability in the Eurozone, it said.  The People's Bank of China said, "The new arrangement will provide more liquidity to the renminbi market in the euro area, promote overseas use of the yuan, and help facilitate trade and investment" . 

"The agreement showed that the ECB is very interested in contributing strongly to theinternationalization of the renminbi," said Arnaud de Bresson, chief executive of ParisEuroplace, a professional association that promotes Paris as an international financial center. 
De Bresson said that the swap is likely to significantly boost the yuan-denominated bondmarket in Europe and will help consolidate Paris' position as a major platform for yuan tradingand transactions in the eurozone. Paris played a leading role in pushing the European Central Bank to sign the agreement asFrance has been keen on developing its capital into a major yuan trading center. Yuan deposits in Paris amount to 10 billion yuan, making the French capital the second-largestpool for the Chinese currency in Europe after London. Nearly 10 percent of Sino-French tradeis settled in yuan, according to the French central bank. Michael Moore, a professor of Finance at Warwick Business School in the UK, said that theswap reflects China's ambition to raise the international profile of its currency. 
"If China's aim is to make the yuan an international currency of choice, this is a good start," hesaid, noting that both sides need to replenish the deal to meet market demand. Since 2008, China has signed currency swap agreements with 23 regions and countries withthe total value reaching 2.48 trillion yuan, according to the People's Bank of China.

11 outubro 2013


R.T, News - 10 Oct 2013 - clik 1 - clik 2
Cruz Vermelha: "Europa segue para catástrofe humanitária como na 2a Guerra Mundial".
The Red Cross says Europe is heading into a long period of mass unemployment, inequality and social despair. The organization believes austerity policies are to blame according to a report obtained by Britain's Guardian newspaper. It forecasts bleak times ahead for about 120 million Europeans living in, or close to, poverty. The report says those out of work for more than a year amount to 11 million.


CNN Live News - 10 Oct 2013 - clique aqui.
EUA, TEATRO DO ABSURDO: mídia traz 3 criminosos, acusa de traição o herói-delator Snowden.

10 outubro 2013


Strategic Culture Foundation - 10 Oct 2013 - clique aqui.
EUA: 450 cidades em onda de falências, pode ser estopim do calote federal. Los Angeles, etc.
According to World Bank expert Eric Schwaitzern, a wave of city bankruptcies is expected to hit the United States in the next three years possibly triggering sovereign default. 
Today over 450 US cities are on the verge of going broke, including Los Angeles, San Diego and others. The «ghost city» Detroit started «the parade of defaults» that may be expedited in October to last all year long.

09 outubro 2013


R.T, News - 08 Oct 2013 - clique aqui.
Ascende Estado Policial Militar.


R.T. News - 08 Oct 2013 - clik 1clik 2
"Tentam deflagrar 3a Guerra Mundial. Dólar já em colapso, Congresso comprado, imprensa controlada, ouro acabando".
"Governo é controlado por conglomerados de corporações".
Delatora é ex-advogada senior Banco Mundial, coração do sistema.

1) - the transition of economic strengths from the western countries to the east is going to happen, but it’s going to happen in a smooth way. It’s not going to be a transition through a currency war like that terrible corrupt group is trying to manipulate everyone into. We’re going to have a peaceful power transition this time around; we’re not going to have the World War III. They try to pull it off in Syria, they are now thinking they can pull it off in Iran, it’s not happening. The citizens of the world see what they are doing and we’re not letting them get away with it this time. The government is controlled by the conglomerates or the corporations.
2) - There is a terrible currency problem. We’re on the verge of the currency war. The Federal Reserve is printing dollars like there is no tomorrow. And if they keep going the rest of the world is not going to accept them. As it is the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – have decided that they are going to finance the trade among these countries with assets and pay for the difference in gold. 
3) - there is a loss in confidence in the fiat currencies that are issued by those private banks. They like to consider themselves as ‘public banks’ but they really owned by private entities. And these currencies are about to crash because they are valueless, that’s what always happens to paper currencies that aren’t backed by assets.
4) - Central Banks are running out of gold and the rests of the world are lining up to buy them. If you want to buy gold today, you have to pay today a premium. 
5) - The mainstream media is completely owned and controlled by the same companies, private companies that own the Federal Reserve System.
6) - When what’s actually happening is their tax dollars are not even staying in the society, their tax dollars are going by treaty to the United Kingdom, and then they are being transferred to the Vatican, to the bank of the Vatican.