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Tao Macro - Sep 2015 - clik 1 
No colapso 2008-2015, FED quintuplicou a base monetária.
The 2008 crisis required a much more aggressive change the in the Federal Funds Rate. It had to be brought down to zero and held there indefinably (Until this December when they raise it…no really) . This chart shows the difference in the monetary base, reference the Fed’s choice to introduce Quantitative Easing (QE) in response to the 2008 crisis. The Red area indicating the money printing after the 2008 crisis was truly unprecedented in U.S. monetary history. It marks the end the world reserve currency credit induced expansion we have had for quite some time. Both policy changes of the rates and especially the blow up of the monetary base represent complete phase transitions of the tools implemented by the Fed. The increase in the monetary base with QE would have been quite unthinkable just a few years earlier. The debate of what the appropriate response to the two crises were very different; representative the diminishing return of Fed Policy tools.
Unfortunately for the Fed, the gig is up. While they struggle to find an appropriate time to introduce a 25 basis point increase in the short term rate, there awaits the next exponential transition into what will be required to stabilize the next crisis. A crisis that will be worse than 2008 because we are that much more in debt, and the Fed has already used up its easy fixes from the last crisis. 
Em meros 7 anos imprimiu quatro vezes a quantidade de moeda que levou 100 anos para ser criada.
What will the next transition look like? If the previous regime of a rate reduction of 500 basis points was insufficient, even NIRP (Negative interest rates) will not work; as we would be talking about an additional few more basis points. Negative interest rates would also punish savers and those living off fixed income even further. 
 This would be an awkward and likely unpopular policy to implement. It also would have a dubious effect on the economy, as we would descend into an even deeper liquidity trap. The next policy regime will require even more quantitative easing, and perhaps alternative methods of the channel used for injection. I would expect a broader spectrum of securities purchases by the Fed to perhaps include coordination of a massive expansion in government fiscal stimulus. The last crisis resulted in the monetary base going from 800 billion to 4 trillion dollars. 
Na próxima, irá triplicar a atual base monetária, isto é: 15x 2008. 
Potencial explosão destruidora.
 The next round of QE will require a multiple of that. This next chart is not a prediction, but is illustrative of of the exponential nature of the next phase transition of Fed monetary policy. Just as what was ultimately done after the 2008 crisis would have been considered unheard of prior to the crisis, so too will the next policy implementation be drastically beyond the scope of what is currently being considered. Such is the nature of the exponential and discontinuous events that face us in a world manipulated by the Federal Reserve.

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Bilionário Donald Trump detona: "desemprego em 40%, governo manipula índices fraudulentos".
I actually saw a number of 42% unemployment. 42%. And it could be.  Because when you're looking for a job and you go around and you look and you look and you fight and you want to work and you want to take care of your family, and then you can't get the job and you know what I'm talking about, because you are shaking your head.  And you can't get the job.  Essentially for statistical purposes, you are considered employed.  So then I read every time it comes out, I hear, "5.3% unemployment." That is the biggest joke there is in this country.  That number is so false. You know, people ask, how come Trump is doing so well? And Carson and others. How come they're doing -- you know why they're doing well?  Because people are tired of political speak. They're tired of that. And the worst example of it -- one of the worst examples of it is the phony unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is probably 20%.  But I will tell you, you have some great economists that will tell you it's 30%, 32%. And the highest I've heard so far is 42%. 


YouTube VIDEO - USA WatchDog - Greg Hunter - Sep 2015 - clik 1 - clik 2
Prenúncios da destruição: FED impotente, negativismo, mercado volatil para baixo, baixa liquidez.
Mercado financeiro distorcido por manipulação criminosa.
Former top Wall Street banker Nomi Prins says we are headed for a calamity and the “Fed put themselves in a catch 22” situation with a very bad policies to bailout the banks. Prins points out, “Now, you have this heightened volatility. Now, you have this heightened negativity. 
There is only so much of an amount you can inflate asset bubbles before they destruct, and that’s what we are seeing now in the rising volatility in the last six months, this transition to destruction.” So, no matter if there is a rate rise or not, the markets are still going to get destroyed. All the warning signs are showing up right now as Prins explains, “What happens before any sort of major implosion is you get this heightened volatility to the downside. You get a heightened volatility to the downside, meaning a lot of jagged edges in the markets, particularly in the stock markets because they most reflect the hot money going in now. Currency trading or Forex trading reflects it too. That’s why you have these rigging frauds going on, and I believe continue to go on. You have all these volatility points along the way in all of these different asset classes. That heightens when the markets turn, and then it becomes a self-fulfilling situation. The more uncertainty there is, the more every little tiny thing creates a more downward cycle rather than an upward bump. That’s what we’re in right now.”

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EUA já prepara ataque à Rússia - que daí já prepara suas defesas.
America prepares for war with Russia. USA vs Russia. US prepares a war in Europe. How will it all turn out.NATO and the US to prepare for war with Russia. Pentagon: US Army is preparing for war with Russia.

"Fará ataque nuclear surpresa".

"Defesa aérea melhor do mundo".
Weapons Russia. Deterrent weapons and Russia. What are afraid of the US and NATO. The world's best air defense systems, for they do not like the United States and NATO. Russia will send to Iran missile systems S-300. The main objective of anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 missiles to destroy the United States and NATO medium-range and tactical missiles, including aircraft. US fears of supply S-300 systems to Iran. 

DOCUMENTÁRIO: o preparo, as estratégias e criação das armas para a 3a Guerra Mundial.

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YouTube VIDEO - R.T. News - Sep 2015 - clik1 clik2 clik3 clik4 clik5 clik6 
EUA, senador admite: "acaba a guerra se nós pararmos de armar e treinar terroristas na Síria".
Richmond, VA (RT) — As the Syrian civil war continues to rage and Islamic State maintains its foothold in the region, Virginia state Senator Dick Black told RT that “if the US stopped training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.”  In a lengthy interview, the Republican state senator connected the crisis in Syria to the actions of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who he said have armed extremists like Islamic State militants that are fighting against the Syrian government. He also blamed US meddling in the Middle East for the rise of terror groups like Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL). “It is my hope and prayer that the United States wakes up and says it is time to end this slaughter. It is time to stop trying to topple regimes, bring order to the Middle East [and] stop the bloodshed. If we stop training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.” 

The US has been criticized for its efforts to thwart IS, particularly its plan to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels to battle the extremists. US Central Command said Friday that it learned that the commander of a Syrian rebel group trained by the US to fight Islamic State had “surrendered” a quarter of his unit’s military supplies to the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front in exchange for safe passage. CENTCOM said the equipment given away by the commander included six coalition-issued pick-up trucks as well as ammunition. It doesn’t appear that the commander gave the supplies directly to Al-Nusra, according to CENTCOM, but rather transferred them through an “intermediary.” With no near-term end to the conflict in sight, Black said Russia is looking to “resolve” the situation by moving military forces into the country. “I am really, really pleased that the Russians are putting some people in there who are genuinely going to fight, because I am not entirely certain which side the United States is on. I think sometimes we play one side, sometimes the other,” he added. 

General M. Flynn: "De forma consciente, EUA tem apoiado ISIS e outros grupos terroristas.
Who is to blame for the rise of ISIL? Mehdi Hasan goes Head to Head with Michael T. Flynn, former head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, on how to deal with ISIL and Iran. In this Head to Head special from Washington DC, Mehdi Hasan challenges retired Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, on the rise of ISIL, the War on Terror, torture, and how to deal with Iran. Flynn was the former head of the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and a commander of J-SOC, the ghost military unit whose squads hunted Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan all the way to Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. With no panel or audience, we ask him whether the US is to blame for creating ISIL and whether the War on Terror has become a crusade. We also discuss torture in US bases and why he is opposed to a deal with Iran.

Daí EUA chama de "oposição" aos terroristas que treinou e armou. Atacam o governo legal da Síria.
The only way to settle the Syrian conflict is to support the existing legitimate government in its fight against terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin told CBS’s ‘60 Minutes,’ adding he wants to see a united effort to fight the threat in the region. “Today, terrorism threatens a great number of states, a great number of people – hundreds of thousands, millions of people suffer from its criminal activity. And we all face the task of joining our efforts in the fight against this common evil,” Putin told Rose.
He pointed out that, from Russia’s point of view, there is only one regular army in Syria – the army of President Bashar Assad. “And he is confronted with what some of our international partners interpret as an opposition. In reality, Assad’s army is fighting against terrorist organizations,” Putin said. He also said that US attempts to “train the combat part of the opposition forces” have failed. The US had aimed to prepare up to 12,000 opposition fighters, but only 60 of those fighters managed to complete the training and only four or five actually fought with the opposition, while others fled to IS with American weapons, Putin said, citing the US Senate hearings. “In my opinion, provision of military support to illegal structures runs counter to the principles of modern international law and the United Nations Charter,” the Russian president said. He also added that Russia is supporting only legitimate government entities and tries to ensure a united response to the extremist threat.

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New Eastern Outlook - F. William Enghdal - The Spectator - Sep 2015 clik 1 clik 2 
Em 10 anos EUA perdeu Oriente Médio: sauditas e xeiques buscam novos aliados e parceiros.
It’s not at all surprising except in how fast it’s going. Within the space of little more than a decade, since the ill-fated Bush Administration decision to invade and occupy Afghanistan then Iraq in March 2003, the United States of America has managed to lose strategic influence and allies across the entire Middle East. Not only the Shi’ite Iranians, whom President Obama believes are now beholden to Washington, but also for the first time Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab states and Egypt are in the process of finding new allies or cooperation partners, and they are in the east, no longer the west. Russian diplomacy that is giving Saudi Arabia and the Arab OPEC members an alternative to their failed war strategy of financing any and every anti-Assad Jihadi terrorist. The new Saudi moarch and his advisers seem to have realized that the neo-conservative warhawks feeding ISIS and Al Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front and the Muslim Brothers in the Middle East next have their sights aimed at toppling the Saudi and other Gulf monarchies
By brokering or mediating an informal end to the recent Sunni-Shi’ite war that Washington fostered, Russia has removed a major proxy prop that has kept those wars running. That leaves only Erdogan’s Turkey as the main patron of ISIS. This is a qualitatively new situation since the war began some 4 years ago, and an ideal time for the Russian combined increased support for the Syrian National Army and the legitimate government of Assad and to make a major new international diplomatic offensive to end the fighting. This is what is perhaps most upsetting the war planners in Washington. They realize they are on the verge of losing or most likely already have lost any remaining shred of power or influence over the countries of the entire Middle East including over Iran, the centerpiece of Obama Middle East policy at present. On September 21 Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian is in Moscow discussing the Middle East and Syria. Iran has been working very closely with Russia in recent weeks to build a strategy to end the Syrian ISIS threatIf Russia is able now to forge a genuine, honest coalition of nations to isolate and destroy Washington-created Frankenstein monster called ISIS or IS, and to allow Syrians to settle their problems with the duly-elected President, Bashar al-Assad in free elections without the US-financed NGOs of George Soros or the National Endowment for Democracy, the world will take a giant step away from war.

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EUA provoca Rússia, subjuga Berlin: estoca mais 20 bombas atômicas em plena Alemanha.
Starting third quarter 2015, the US Air Force is starting preparations to bring in new B61 nuclear bombs to Luftwaffe’s Büchel Air Base, according to ZDF TV channel. German parliament previously called for American nukes to be removed.

Germany neither needs nor wants nuclear weapons but 25 years after the end of the Cold War, the country is still hosting American B61 nuclear bombs as part of NATO’s nuclear sharing policy, much to the dismay of most Germans. Instead of removing the last bombs, the U.S. is now preparing to replace them with new advanced B61-12s, according to arecent report by Germany’s public-service TV broadcaster ZDF. 20 U.S. nukes are currently stored at Büchel Air Base, where Tornado aircraft of the German Luftwaffe are ready to deliver the bombs in case of war. 

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Strategic Culture Foundation - Sep 2015 - clik 1 
Oligarquia EUA possui e subjuga imprensa sob pesada censura: é manipular o povo sob domínio.
On 7 September 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush blatantly lied to concoct a “new report” by the IAEA about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program, and the U.S. news-media reported the statement but hid that it was a lie. He said (and CNN and others quoted it): “a report came out of the Atomic — the IAEA that they were six months away from developing a weapon. I don’t know what more evidence we need,” when he was asked at a press conference, “Mr. President, can you tell us what conclusive evidence of any nuclear — new evidence you have of nuclear weapons capabilities of Saddam Hussein?” Immediately, the IAEA said then that there was no such “new report,” and that the last they were able to find, there was nothing left of WMD in Iraq. The American news-media simply ignored the IAEA’s denial, and we invaded Iraq, almost six months after that boldfaced lie, a lie the press refused to expose, at all — ever. 
They still haven’t exposed it, even to the present day; and instead there remains a ‘debate’ as to whether George W. Bush lied or was instead merely misled by “defective U.S. intelligence.” In this particular instance, he wasn’t even citing U.S. intelligence, but instead the IAEA, and they immediately denied it, but the press failed to report that; so, really, the President was simply lying, and the press just continue to lie by saying he had only “been misled by the CIA” (which he actually controlled; but he didn’t control the IAEA). The American press hide the fact that the American President lied his nation into invading Iraq. The press lie that it was only “bad intelligence,” no lying President. (Because of the news-media’s ignoring the IAEA’s denial of the President’s statement, the author of the IAEA’s denial, Mark Gwozdecky, spoke three weeks later, by phone, with the only journalist who was interested, Joseph Curl of theWashington Times, who headlined on 27 September 2002, “Agency Disavows Report on Iraq Arms” — perhaps that should instead have been “President Lied About ‘Saddam’s WMD’” — and Curl quoted Gwozdecky: “There's never been a report like that [which Bush alleged] issued from this agency. … When we left in December '98 we had concluded that we had neutralized their nuclear-weapons program. We had confiscated their fissile material. We had destroyed all their key buildings and equipment.” Other news-media failed to pick up Curl’s article. And, even in that article, there was no clear statement that the President had, in fact, lied — cooked up an IAEA ‘report’ that never actually existed — and that he never corrected his false allegation; that he compounded his lie by not correcting it.)  
That’s hardly the only instance where the U.S. news-media cover for the President’s lies about foreign affairs, by merely stenographically reporting what he says, while hiding the truth that his statement was a baldfaced lie. For example, how many times have you read in the newspapers, or in a magazine, or seen on TV, or heard on the radio (all of which are supposed to report these things), that in February 2014, the Obama Administration perpetrated a bloody coup d’etat that overthrew the democratically elected President of Ukraine, and replaced his government with a racist-fascist, or anti-Russian nazi, government, so that Ukraine, which had been at peace for decades, was now suddenly torn by a racist bloody civil war -a war of ethnic cleansing? Oh? You were instead told that ‘democracy’ started (instead of ended) when Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown then, in a ‘revolution,’ not in any U.S. “coup”? (The head of Stratfor, the “private CIA” firm, even admitted to a Russian newspaper that it was “the most blatant coup in history.”The U.S. news-media refused to report that, too.) And, now, Russia and Europe are both suffering from the economic sanctions that Obama placed against Russia, when Putin did what he had to do to protect Russia from this proxy attack against his country by America’s sneaky lying President (whom the U.S. news-media don’t report to be either sneaky or lying, except that Republican ‘news’ media report Obama to be a communist Muslim Kenyan, none of which are the types of sneaky liar that he actually is). How can a democracy function with such a news-media? It can’t. And it doesn’t. But that’s a fact America’s news-media can and do report (though little enough so that only few Americans are aware of it). One can report in major American news-media that democracy has ended in America, but one can’t report in them that either Bush or Obama lied us into vile invasions, or that the overthrow of Yanukovych was a coup instead of a ‘revolution.’Those things aren’t allowed, except in such few honest small-audience news-media as are publishing this article — these being the few U.S. news-media that don’t rely upon, and aren’t owned by, America’s aristocrats. 
To understand how America’s news is heavily censored and for what purposes, is crucial for any American who wants to understand truthfully his/her government, and to understand that government’s relationship with the American nation’s aristocracy, which aristocracy owns the news-media and finances political campaigns and thereby overwhelmingly determines which candidates (such as Bush and Obama) will have a real oportunity to win office, and which candidates simply won’t, at all.  But the real place where the rubber hits the road for aristocrats is actually international relations, because America’s aristocrats control half of the world’s international corporations, and those corporations are thoroughly dependent upon national governments. (Note: Obama is trying to make national governments dependent upon international corporations.) Furthermore, international affairs is where the various national aristocracies compete against each other, which is a game that major aristocrats especially enjoy playing — especially in the country that has the most powerful aristocracy of all. Censorship in national news is far less than in international news. However, a political candidate’s financial support from the aristocracy will largely depend upon that candidate’s positions on foreign policy; and, so, a candidate’s positions on foreign policy will largely determine whether that candidate even gets enough campaign-funds to be politically competitive, and this will in turn affect whether or not the candidate will be able to serve in a position to shape domestic policies such as education, taxes, health care, and the construction and maintenance of highways and bridges. Thus: the most heavily censored news-area, which is foreign policy, will, indeed, have a big impact upon determining which domestic policies get put into effect, and which don’t — but mainly in this indirect way, which few people even know about. In this important sense, international affairs determine domestic policies far more than domestic affairs affect international policies. 
A person who cares only about domestic affairs will thus be easily manipulated by the aristocracy, because the main determinants of domestic policy will be largely or totally ignored by that voter — the person will then be just an unaware pawn of big money, controlled by people and agendas the individual knows nothing about. Here is a clear example of a big-name American news-medium actually applying censorship, and it pertains to CNN; the topic there is Bahrain. The reporter was driven out of CNN when she tried to report the truth. It ended her career, which, until that time, had been stellar. The reporter gets blackballed, because any news-medium which hires someone like that will lose advertisers — it’s counter-productive, no matter how good the reporter might happen to be (and she was). The major media don’t look for great reporters; they look for money — and the aristocracy have it. Here’s an article about a ‘progressive’ news-medium that actually sells, to its advertisers, an audience of people who think of themselves as being progressive and who will inevitably become less and less so the more that these advertisers’ control over the ‘news’ which those readers encounter warps their understanding of international events. (Lots more is said about that news-medium in this background report about it here.) So: both mainstream, and ‘alternative news,’ media are selling audiences to their advertisers (which can include ‘non-profits,’ such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which buys corporate stocks that Bill and Melinda Gates want to sell and that will rise in price to the extent that such ‘charities’ are buying them). (And here is a major news-medium that’s trying to keep up the price of companies that most aristocrats right now are selling.) (After those suckers buy them, these stocks will go downhill, which is why aristocrats now want to sell them; they’re dumping them and need buyers.) People who think that news-media are selling ‘news’ instead of selling audiences (“eye-balls”), don’t understand the news-business. News-media are selling minds; it’s a form of PR. In a capitalist economy, there is no way to avoid the news-business becoming a branch of the PR-business. The dominance of propaganda over news-reporting is inevitable in any type of economic system. That’s reality — not ‘Adam Smith.’ ‘Free-market economics’ is for fantasists; it never was real; it was and is only for cultists, never for realists. The sellers of that cult are the aristocracy. And they know that it’s false. They know it first-hand, because they control it. You can’t control it and still be ignorant that it’s a fraud. This is simple reality, to them. 


The Telegraph, UK - Sep 2015 - clik 1 
BIS adverte: "já gastaram toda munição, aí agora o mundo está indefeso contra a próxima crise".
The world will be unable to fight the next global financial crash as central banks have used up their ammunition trying to tackle the last crises, the Bank for International Settlements has warned. The so-called central bank of central banks launched a scatching critique of global monetary policy in its annual report. The BIS claimed that central banks have backed themselves into a corner after repeatedly cutting interest rates to shore up their economies. These low interest rates have in turn fuelled economic booms, encouraging excessive risk taking. Booms have then turned to busts, which policymakers have responded to with even lower rates. Claudio Borio, head of the organisation’s monetary and economic department, said: “Persistent exceptionally low rates reflect the central banks’ and market participants’ response to the unusually weak post-crisis recovery as they fumble in the dark in search of new certainties.”

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New Eastern Outlook - F. William Enghdal - Sep 2015 - clik 1 
OCIDENTE DESTRONADO: pacto Rússia-Irã-OPEP controlará óleo.
Daí árabes acessarão EurÁsia.
The OPEC oil-producing states of the Middle East, including Iran, through the skillful mediation of Russia, are carefully laying the foundations for a truly new world order. The first step in testing this will be if they collectively succeed in eliminating the threat to Syria of the Islamic State, and prepare the basis for serious, non-manipulated elections there.
Now what is very likely to emerge in the current extraordinary situation is a negotiated arrangement between Putin’s Russia and the Saudi-led OPEC oil producers of the Middle East, including Iran, to devise a new ordering of world energy supply, one independent of the near century of Anglo-American domination. The benefits of such a new world ordering are simply too great for all involved parties to ignore. First the new grouping between Russia and the Mideast oil states would have to negotiate stable market relations between themselves and their prime markets such as China and the EU. There is no good reason for Russia not to untie the knot of world oil to the Anglo-Americans and enter into serious negotiations with Saudi Arabia on strategic cooperation of some consequent form. What would be in it for Russia? Huge benefits. It would secure the world’s largest pool of hydrocarbons–oil and gas–by the nations of the contiguous land mass that British “father” of geopolitics, Sir Halford Mackinder referred to as the “World island”–Russia, China, Indian subcotinent, South Asia, and now radiating in an arc deep into the entire Middle East oil belt and on into Egypt in North Africa. It would provide Russia safe markets outside the Anglo-American current war zone. Russia would be in an entirely new negotiating position vis-a-vis German and EU economic sanctions.
In such an accord with Russia, the oil producing countries of the Middle East would join as central parties to the unfolding economic boom that is emerging out of the China One Belt, One Road new Economic Silk Road rail and sea port infrastructure project. That project, to recall, is already well underway, and Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union states have recently agreed with China to integrate the rail route development of both. The development of huge new sea ports in Myanmar and other sites around Eurasia and the Indian Ocean will directly link the Gulf countries to that Eurasian booming new economic market and beyond. The inclusion of Iran, a geopolitical essential for all parties, as well as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab OPEC states, along with Egypt, together in an alliance with the negotiated military support of the one state in the world today able to challenge the USA, namely, Russia, would end more than a century of Anglo-American colonial wars and destruction in the region, the most recent of which is the Washington-CIA-instigated series of destructive Color Revolutions dubbed the “Arab Spring.” Resolution of the US-UK-instigated Syrian war and their unleashing of the so-called IS on the world–lest we forget, that war and the role of the terror of the IS is the source of the ongoing refugee crisis that is destabilizing all Europe– such a peaceful resolution, absent the demands of Washington that President Assad go into exile, or that US-sponsored terrorist groups like al-Nusra and the Muslim Brotherhood take power, would be the first sign of this cooperation between Russia and the influential oil states of the Middle East. It would deal a devastating blow to the Washington warhawks.

18 setembro 2015


Yahoo Finance - David Stockman - Greg Hunter - Sep 2015 - clik1 clik2 clik3 clik4 
"Deflação global em curso. FED impotente, mercados não confiam na bolha inflada, vem colapso aí".
The former Reagan budget director and author of “The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America” visited Yahoo Finance ahead of the Fed announcement to discuss his predictions and the potential impact of today’s interest rate decision. “80 months of zero interest rates is downright crazy and it hasn’t helped the Main Street economy because we’re at peak debt,” he says. Businesses in the U.S. are $12 trillion in debt. That’s $2 trillion more than before the crisis, but “all of it has gone into financial engineering—stock buybacks, mergers and acquisitions and so forth,” according to Stockman. “The jig is up; [the Fed] needs to get on with the business of allowing interest rates to find some normalized level.” 
While Stockman believes that the Fed should absolutely raise rates today, he isn’t so sure that they will. But even if they do, he says they’ll muddle the effect by saying “‘one and done’ or ‘we’re going to sit back and watch this thing unfold for the next two or three months.’” This all fuels an inflationary bubble on Wall Street, according to Stockman. “This massive money printing we’ve had has never gotten out of the canyons of Wall Street. It’s sitting there as excess reserves.” According to Stockman, the weakness of the U.S. economy has been due to a lack of investment over the past 15 years and inflated labor costs in America that can’t compete on a global scale. “Simply printing more money and keeping interest rates at zero do not help that problem.” Zero interest policies, says Stockman, are leading to the global economic turmoil we are currently experiencing. “In the last 15 years China took its debt from $2 trillion to $28 trillion… it’s a house of cards with an enormous overcapacity and enormous speculation and gambling that is beginning to roll over,” he says. “It’s just the leading edge of a global deflation that I think is underway as a consequence of all this excess credit growth that we’ve had.” If the Fed raises rates and doesn’t mince words there’s going to be a long-running market correction, says Stockman. If the Fed doesn’t raise rates there will be a short-term relief rally but eventually the markets will lose confidence in the central bank bubble and we’ll be in store for a “huge correction.”
"Bolha turbinada por 20 anos de uma massiva expansão de crédito global em 400%, agora explode".

David Alan Stockman is a former businessman and U.S. politician who served as a Republican U.S. Representative from the state of Michigan and as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan. Wikipedia
"Deflação histórica jamais vista em tempos modernos, explodirá com energia de uma supernova".

"Mercados de dívida já estão instáveis e cambaleantes".
Stockman contends, “What happens when the financial breakdown comes is there is a great margin call. Everybody says ‘I want my money back and I’ll take your collateral if I don’t get it back. If I do take your collateral, I will sell it for whatever price I can get and cut my losses.’ So, this is truly a house of cards. The whole pyramid of debt and what we call hypothecation and rehypothecation of financial assets, that is the real bubble. That’s what people don’t focus on enough. Sure, you can think of stocks that are a bubble, like Tesla and its current price of around $250, or the biotech index which is trading at hundreds of times earnings is crazy. What’s really crazy is all of this debt that has been created has been turned into collateral and borrowed against at a very high rate. The whole thing is very unstable and tottering as we speak. . . . Much of this collateralized credit that has been created is a confidence game. It is a daisy chain, and when the confidence breaks and they start to unwind the chain, the amount of debt outstanding will shrink. That will create tremendous broken furniture in the financial system.”


YouTube VIDEO - Real News Network - Chis Hedges - Sep 2015 - clik 1 - clik 2 
"Já está sendo estraçalhada a credibilidade da elite no poder. Instituições entram em colapso".
On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges says that while people are disgusted with the centers of power, unless there is a constructive alternative, any eruption will be nihilistic and could be fascist . we don't understand the pathology of the rich. We've been saturated with cultural images and a kind of cultural deification of wealth and those who have wealth. We are being--you know, they present people of immense wealth as somehow leaders--oracles, even. And we don't grasp internally what it is an oligarchic class is finally about or how venal and morally bankrupt they are. We need to recover the language of class warfare and grasp what is happening to us, and we need to shatter this self-delusion that somehow if, as Obama says, we work hard enough and study hard enough, we can be one of them. 

The fact is, the people who created the economic mess that we're in were the best-educated people in the country--Larry Summers, a former president of Harvard, and others. The issue is not education. The issue is greed. And I, unfortunately, had the experience of being shipped off to a private boarding school at the age of ten as a scholarship student and live--I was one of 16 kids on scholarship, and I lived among the super-rich and I watched them. And I think much of my hatred of authority and my repugnance for the ruling elite comes from having been among them for so long.

17 setembro 2015


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"Sistema está altamente instável. Havendo perda de confiança, ele se derrete rapidamente".

16 setembro 2015


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Nota do Japão foi rebaixada.
U.S. ratings agency Standard & Poor's downgraded Wednesday its credit rating for Japan from AA- to A+, but has revised its outlook for the world's third-largest economy from negative to stable. In a statement accompanying the re-rating, S&P added that economic support for Japan's sovereign creditworthiness has continued to weaken over the past three to four years and that the government's strategy to revive economic growth and end deflation appeared unlikely to reverse deterioration in next two to three years. 

Recent cabinet office data released last week showed that the Japanese economy shrank an annualized 1.2 percent in April-June, less than the initial estimate of a 1.6 percent contraction. The median market forecast was a revision to a 1.8 percent contraction.


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Stephen Cohen: "uma catastrófica guerra entre EUA e Rússia está já germinando na Ucrânia".

15 setembro 2015


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Ex-governador Jesse Ventura: "EUA, ameaça-mór à paz global".
“They think if they destroy ISIS it will come to an end? I’ve got news for you, the only thing that will bring peace to the Middle East is for the United States to get out of there. Get out.”


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"Só o povo sírio pode remover seu presidente: olhe o que os EUA já fizeram na Líbia e Iraque".
Russian President Vladimir Putin talks about his government’s continued support for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, noting that Assad’s leadership is necessary to keep the country from becoming another Iraq or Libya, and that outside nations should not interfere in Syria’s right to self-determination. The interview with Charlie Rose was conducted live on stage at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. 

"Rússia seguirá com ajuda militar à Síria contra agressões externas de terroristas".
President Putin: Russia will continue to support Syria with military assistance. Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday pledged to continue military support for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad after Washington sounded the alarm over an alleged military build-up by Moscow in Syria.


Tass Agency News - Парламентская газета - InfoWars - Press TV.
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Rússia acusa EUA: "sabe onde ISIS está, mas recusa a atacá-los, pois tem outras intenções".
PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, September 13. /TASS/. Moscow has information the US is aware of the Islamic State's (IS) positions, but won't begin air strikes, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with a weekly review program on Russia's Channel One. "I hope I would not fail anyone by saying some of our counterparts, members of the coalition, say they sometimes have information about where, at which positions certain IS groups are, but the coalition's commander (in the US) won't agree to deliver a strike," he said. "Our American counterparts either from the very beginning were establishing the coalition not thoroughly enough, or the idea was it should have the goals other from those declared," he said. "The coalition was formed very spontaneously: within just a few days they declared it was ready, certain countries have joined, and they began some strikes." "Analysis of the coalition’s aviation causes weird impressions," he said. "The suspicions are besides the declared goal of fighting the Islamic State there is something else in that coalition’s goals," the minister said. 
"I do not want to make any conclusions - it is not clear what impressions, information of higher ideas the commander may have - but signals of the kind are coming." "Excluding the Syrian armed forces from fighting the Islamic State is absurd" . Moscow calls it absurd to exclude the Syrian military from fighting the Islamic State (IS), as the governmental military are the most effective force on the ground, Russia’s foreign minister said. "They [West - TASS] announce publically they would not [talk to Assad]. Moreover, they say they would welcome an input from Russia or any other country in fighting the IS if only it does not strengthen positions of the Syrian president," Lavrov said.
"EUA cortando Síria em pedaços".
The United States and its allies are not effectively targeting ISIS — and, in fact, continue to resupply the group, as a number of Iraqis claim — because eliminating the terror group would conflict with the ultimate objective in Syria: the overthrow the al-Assad government and the balkanization the country. The latter was explained in a document produced by the Ford Foundation funded Brookings Institute. “Deconstructing Syria: A new strategy for America’s most hopeless war,” authored by Michael E. O’Hanlon, states that “the only realistic path forward may be a plan that in effect deconstructs Syria” and “create pockets with more viable security and governance within Syria over time,” areas that “would never again have to face the prospect of rule by either Assad or ISIL.” Both so-called “centrist” Democrats and their neocon colleagues support undermining Syria and are responsible for the humanitarian crisis now threatening to swamp Europe with refugees. The United States has consistently supported the Syrian “rebels,” now virtually all radical Wahhabist jihadists. This includes ISIS and al-Nusra, the former created out of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the latter from native Syrian mujahideen. The State Department, of course, denounces both as terrorist groups while covertly supporting them as part of the effort to undermine al-Assad.
"EUA não quer destruir ISIS, quer manobrá-lo para fraturar Síria".
The United States and its allies have created the war in Syria and have destabilized it since 2011 by arming, financing and providing political cover for terrorist networks in the Middle East, a geopolitical analyst in New York says. Washington’s claim that it is fighting the Takfiri terrorist group in Syria and Iraq is a “complete lie or at the very least a distortion of what the US really wants to do,” said Eric Draitser, the founder of StopImperialism.com said, using another acronym for the ISIL terrorist group. “It doesn’t want to destroy ISIS (ISIL), it wants to manage ISIS, it wants to manage ISIS’ development, it wants to direct it in certain areas, it wants to use it to implement regime change, to destabilize, to fracture and otherwise destroy the Syrian state as well as the Iraqi state,” Draitser told Press TV on Thursday. “It wants to use terrorism in the form of ISIS, just as it has used terrorism for decades, to execute its political and geopolitical agenda,” he added. “So when they say they want to destroy ISIS, they are lying, but when Russia sys that it wants to destroy ISIS I think everybody recognizes that they are definitely serious about it because Russia has taken the threat of international terrorism quite seriously,” he observed. Draitser described US Secretary of State John Kerry “supremely hypocritical” for warning Russia about its military buildup in Syria when in fact Washington has fueled the crisis in that country for years. Kerry issued the warning in a phone call to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday, according to the US State Department. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Wednesday that there are "Russian military experts in Syria who are instructing (the Syrians) on the use of the military systems being delivered" to the Syrian government. Russia "has long been supplying arms and military equipment to Syria in accordance with bilateral contracts," Zakharova said.


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42 mil/dia, EUA criam na Europa crise de refugiados: Sírios, Líbios e Iraqis, é onde criam guerras".
Reality Check: U.S. Policies In Middle East Responsible For Refugee Crisis In Europe. The images are making headlines all over the world. But pictures and video alone cannot do justice to the refugee crisis. This is Reality Check. Ben Swann takes a deeper look at the root of the refugee crisis in Europe. 400,000 people are looking for refuge with 40,000 more added to that number every day! It's not a popular thing to say but are we as the United States mostly responsible?

So what is the source of this crisis? Something most media won’t say. It started with the war in Iraq. The United States blew that country apart looking for weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. And after more than 10 years of trying to unsuccessfully piece Iraq back together—after losing thousands of U.S. soldiers, more than $1 trillion and half a million Iraqis dead—we moved on.
" EUA armando ISIS por tabela".
Nations across Europe currently find themselves embroiled in a massive refugee crisis unlike any seen in recent memory, as several million men, women and children have left Syria in search of respite from the deadly civil war raging across the nation.

Rússia detona Europa: "responde por refugiados, pois apoiou EUA no fazer das guerras".
The Russian foreign minister says countries that triggered conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa should shoulder a huge responsibility toward refugees. Sergei Lavrov criticized the EU’s handling of the crisis and said those who have caused the refugee influx should provide humanitarian aid to the victims. He also criticized the EU’s mechanical approach of throwing money at the refugee problem, saying it will not resolve it. Russia blames the US-led invasion of Iraq, the West's support for militants in Syria and the overthrow of former Libyan dictator Moamer Gaddafi for the current refugee crisis. According to the International Organization for Migration, more than 350-thousand refugees and asylum-seekers have headed to the EU this year.

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Síria acusa Europa: "refugiados lhes perturbam? então parem de apoiar terroristas".
Russia Today was recently granted a rare interview with other foreign media outlets at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s home, wherein he summed up the entire refugee issue: “It’s not about that Europe didn’t accept them or embrace them as refugees, it’s about not dealing with the cause. If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists. That’s what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees,” he said. After all, you do realize the US helped fund and train ISIS, right?

13 setembro 2015


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EUA, pesquisa: 29% apoiam golpe militar. 43% dentre republicanos.
A law professor at West Point was forced to hastily resign after it emerged that he had authored a number of controversial articles. In one he suggested that legal scholars defending the rights of suspected terrorists could be considered legitimate military targets, while in another he examined a potential military coup in the United States, arguing that officers may have a duty to sieze control of the federal government if the federal government acted against the interest of the country. The United States military has long embraced the idea of civilian control of national affairs, and apart from certain rare moments the American officer corps has faithfully followed the orders of their civilian superiors.
YouGov's latest research shows, however, that officers in the military are held in much greater esteem than their civilian superiors, and that they are widely viewed as having the best interests of the country in mind instead of their own selfish concerns. 70% of Americans believe that military officers generally want what is best for the country. When it comes to Congressmen, however, 71% of Americans believe that they want what is best for themselves, along with 59% for local politicians. 


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Eurásia consolidando núcleo rígido em defesa e economia: Irã achega-se à Rússia ainda mais.
The head of MFA of Iran Javad Zarif visited Moscow. Negotiations between Russia and Iran went outside the framwork of Vienna agreements in the nuclear programme, and it seems that Washington doesn't like it.


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Geopolítica mudando centros de gravidade: relegados pelos EUA, sauditas se achegam à Russia.
"Our colleagues from Saudi Arabia have brought a lot of projects to the table. These projects will be introduced to our companies, including the ones involving the construction and upgrade of railways and building underground railway systems,” Novak said, adding that the Gulf kingdom plans to build metro systems in four cities in the near future. The pair has signed six agreements in total, Al Arabiya News Channel reported. A cooperation agreement on a peaceful nuclear program was among the documents, the press service of Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, said. 

According to Rosatom, the document is the first in the history of Russia-Saudi relations to create a legal framework for cooperation between the nations in the field of nuclear energy. Future joint projects might include construction of nuclear power reactors, provision of services in nuclear fuel cycling, including those for nuclear power stations and research reactor facilities. The Gulf kingdom has no industrial nuclear power plants, but has big plans for developing nuclear energy. The two oil heavyweights have also agreed on the creation of a working group to develop joint energy projects, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said on Thursday. Saudi Arabia is interested in energy projects in Russia, the minister said, adding that Russia doesn’t aim to replace existing partners in oil and gas cooperation, but rather wants to establish new ones.

The countries are ready to cooperate in a number of other spheres, the minister told journalists, mentioning pharmaceuticals and infrastructure development as prospective sectors. “Our colleagues from Saudi Arabia have brought a lot of projects to the table. These projects will be introduced to our companies, including the ones involving the construction and upgrade of railways and building underground railway systems,” Novak said, adding that the Gulf kingdom plans to build metro systems in four cities in the near future. Russia’s state space agency, Roscosmos, and Saudi national center for science and technology KACST signed papers including agendas for future cooperation in space exploration. On meeting Putin, the 30-year old deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister, announced that his father, King Salman, was inviting the Russian leader to visit the Gulf state. “I have the honor to pass on an invitation to visit the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as we regard Russia as one of the important states in the contemporary world, and our relations have roots in the past,” Prince Mohammed said, adding that Russia had been the first country to officially recognize the Gulf kingdom. “We will aim to develop bilateral relations in all sectors,” he added. Putin said he accepted the invite, and also invited the king to pay a visit to Russia - an invitation that has also been accepted.

12 setembro 2015


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Por gás Berlin se une a Moscou, forja núcleo rígido, daí sepulta fissura que EUA tenta promover.
Kiev ingênua caiu na cilada alemã: chantageou Rússia com gás.
Daí perdeu posição concedida de país-trânsito: $2 bilhões/ano.


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Com Ocidente no ataque, Rússia turbina coesão nacional, cimenta moral social com valores cristãos.
The reasons why the union of church and state is a good idea, namely:
- Because it is the cement of social morality.
- Because history show church saved Russia from grave crises: 1612, 1812, 1941-45
- Because its persecution and absence coincided with depravity, bloodshed, civil war.

08 setembro 2015


Global research - R.T. News - Sep 2015 - clik 1 - clik 2 
EUA joga bombas, daí Europa calada e submissa arca com 3 milhões refugiados, e com culpa.
Starting in 2011 in Libya, the United States dropped bombs on Libya in order to replace Muammar Gaddafi. The EU is now tearing itself apart with guilt-feelings at European nations’ responses to the refugee-crisis that was caused by this American bombing-campaign in Libya, and then by the one in Syria. Europe has also received refugees from the American-sponsored bombing-campaign in eastern Ukraine (the bombing-campaign that the 2014 American-installed anti-Russian Ukrainian government calls an ‘Anti-Terrorist Operation,’ or ‘ATO,’ which labels the residents in that pro-Russian area — where the residents reject the February 2014 U.S. coup — as ‘Terrorists’ and thus as being suitable to be bombed, and even firebombed). And yet, despite these millions of U.S.-caused refugees into Europe, European nations still permit U.S. troops to remain stationed on European soil decades after the entire reason for NATO’s very existence (which was protection of Europe against a communist invasion from the east) ended. 
(The Soviet Union’s equivalent Warsaw Pact had dissolved and ended in 1991, when the Soviet Union itself did — yet NATO continued on, and constantly touts ‘the Russian threat,’ just as it did the Soviet threat, as if there were no change when communism collapsed, as if the ideological reason for the Cold War had been fake all along. There is no justification whatsoever for «the New Cold War».) Russia is now responding to this new American-created hostility of Europeans against Russia, by its matching this newly transformed now anti-Russian NATO’s war-games against Russia, with similar Russian defensive maneuvers to prepare for an increasingly possible NATO invasion into Russia. So: the current refugee-crisis was, in fact, caused by America’s continuing obsession to destroy Russia — an obsession that the EU goes along with, and now suffers greatly from, not only because of loss of their Russian trading-partner, but because of the influx into Europe of millions of refugees that were caused by this New Cold War. This crisis was not caused by Russia’s defensive measures against an increasingly aggressive NATO. It was caused by U.S. aggressions, which the EU continues to endorse. 
Press TV - Sep 2015 - clik 1 
"Por décadas EUA incendeia a região, destruiu Iraque e Líbia, agora é a vez da Síria".
The head of Austria's opposition Freedom Party has censured the United States and the NATO for sparking the ongoing refugee crisis that has engulfed European countries. "The USA and NATO have destroyed Iraq and Libya with their military intervention, bombs and missiles; provided financial, logistical and military support to the opposition against President [Bashar al-] Assad in Syria, and thus made possible the destruction, chaos, suffering," and Takfirism in the region, Heinz-Christian Strache wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday. Strache also scorned what he called US President Barack Obama's suggestion that Europe should bear the main responsibility for dealing with the influx of asylum seekers hailing from conflict-stricken parts of the globe in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. "The USA for decades has started fires in the Middle East and then has … the chutzpah to claim that responsibility for the flood of refugees unleashed lies with Europe. That's geostrategic detribalization at its finest," he wrote.
YouTube VIDEO - Sep 2015 - clik 1 
Mas a sórdida mídia joga culpa no governo sírio e nos terroristas - mas omite que EUA os apoia.

YouTube VIDEO - Fox News - Sep 2015 - clik 1 
Teatro do absurdo: mídia quer que o eleito governo sírio pare de resistir aos terroristas.
Fox News recently decided to tackle the refugee crisis in Europe. Caitlin McFarland, a Fox News 'National Security Analyst' was quick to blame… Russia and China. Why? Because they're "sending weapons that have kept the civil war war going", and thus caused the refugee crisis. She of course made no mention of US weapons, special forces, and explicit drive for regime change in Syria...

But the Fox News anchor went one step further than McFarland's lie-by-omission by suggesting that the waves of refugees heading for Europe are being "sloughed off" onto Europe by the two Eurasian powers. Why? To "give Europe something to deal with." You will be hard pressed to find a clearer example of WASHINGTON policy revealed via US media talking points...

YouTube VIDEO - Sep 2015 - clik 1 
Rússia e Irã vão à guerra ao lado do governo sírio, contra ISIS.