30 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - MSNBC News - clique aqui.
Militarização das polícias locais: "usam SWAT para qualquer coisa, policiais não são soldados".

"Equipes SWAT usando armas de guerra contra cidadãos comuns".

29 junho 2014


Press TV - Jun 2014 - clik 1clik 2 
EUA instiga guerra no Iraque, fornece armas aos dois lados. Vai tomar-lhes os recursos naturais.
The United States is instigating war between the Shia and Sunni in Iraq to control its people and seize the country’s resources, a former American intelligence analyst says. In an interview with Press TV on Saturday, Scott Rickard also said that Washington is using naïve, young people as cannon fodder to achieve its objectives. “The US and its allies, the West in general, have been perpetrating war in the Middle East for well over a century. 
This is an initiative mostly to control the population and take over the resources,” Rickard said. “And when you talk about the Sunni, Shia at war, they take that to their advantage and instigate wars between these factions. It gives them an enemy which they can arm and then that enemy becomes their proxy army to fight their [enemy]. 'The enemy of my enemy' is a very common military tactic. So that’s really what we are seeing in Iraq,” he added. “They have no respect for any of the civilians, they have no respect for any of the individuals that they are using. In fact, unfortunately, these are very easy prey. These are a lot of young individuals who have lost their uncles and fathers, and [have been in] all types of tragic situations where there is a lot of revenge in their heart,” Rickard stated.

24 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - Life News - Russia - Jun 2014 - clik 1clik 2 - clik 3
Povo protesta: "Mídia ocidental abafa matança aqui na Ucrania. Opina, julga, e nem vem aqui".
Residents held an unusual flash mob in support of the civilian population south-east of Ukraine. Under sounds imitating civil defense siren, the protesters frozen at the Central Square, and then fell to the ground signal. The main objective of the action - to break the information blockade of the West.

Participants of the flash mob decided to show the world that is actually happening in the southeast: punitive raids and killing civilians. Activists especially outraged that Western journalists judge the Ukrainian crisis, although not working at the scene. They no Kramatorsk nor Slovyansk or in other cities where there are tragic events, where each day as a result of military actions of the Ukrainian authorities kill civilians - said protestor. - We want to tell the world that we are not just dry statistics and not just numbers, for us the death of civilians - is a personal tragedy.


YouTube VIDEO - Jun 2014 - clique aqui.
ESTARRECEDOR: imprensa pró-guerra promove genocida Dick Cheney. Opina e escreve artigos.

23 junho 2014


Daily Mail, UK - Jun 2014 - clique aqui.
Papa clama: "sistema economico global está à beira do colapso".
Pope Francis has launched a scathing attack on the global economic system, warning it is near collapse because of a 'throwaway culture' of greed and the 'atrocity' of youth unemployment. The Roman Catholic leader openly blasted the 'idolatrous' economy for disregarding the young, which he says has led to shocking levels of youth unemployment and will lead to a lost generation. The 77-year-old also criticised the economy - which he said had 'fallen into a sin of idolatry, the idolatry of money' - for surviving on the profits of war. The Pope's damning message came amid comments he made about the break-up of countries such as Scotland and Catalonia, which came as a huge blow to the Scottish Yes campaign. 
In an interview with Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, he said: 'Our world cannot take it anymore. Our global economic system can’t take any more. 'We discard a whole generation to maintain an economic system that no longer endures - a system that to survive has to make war, as the big empires have always done. 'The economy is moved by the ambition of having more and, paradoxically, it feeds a throwaway culture.' He said: 'The rate of unemployment is very worrisome to me, which in some countries is over 50 percent. That is an atrocity. 'Young people are thrown away when their natality is limited. The elderly are also discarded because they don’t serve any use anymore. 'In throwing away the kids and elderly, the future of a people is thrown away because the young people are going to push forcefully forward and because the elderly give us wisdom.'

22 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - Cambridge House Int'l - clique aqui.
"Surge outra aliança global, aí China e Rússia criarão uma ONU na Ásia, sem EUA nem Europa".
Base será gás Rússia-China que capilarizará para toda Ásia.

WhiteOut Press - Jun 2014 - clique aqui.
Já são 133 países, e vão fundar outra ONU, sem o parasita EUA.
Some 133 G77 Nations vow to destroy America’s New World Order
June 17, 2014. Bolivia. The American and European media are doing everything they can to black this news out. But it’s not going to stay a secret for long. As of this weekend, there’s a new New World Order on Earth and its enemy is the United States, the EU, the UN Security Council and the world’s shadow government led by the IMF and WTO. This new alliance of poor countries wouldn’t be much of a threat, except it includes two-thirds of the world’s nations including China and India.
End of The New World Order :  When the richest and most powerful nations on Earth formed the G7, G8, G20 and the like, they united to combine their dominance over the remaining 175 countries that make up humanity. And for decades, the wealthiest 20 countries led by the US have gotten exponentially more wealthy at the expense of the poorest 175 nations, who in turn have gotten even poorer. That’s been the result of the West’s ‘New World Order’, led mainly by self-appointed global governments like the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization. Now 133 of those 175 countries have had enough of the New World Order’s rigged global financial system based in New York and London. 
They’ve seen their economies destroyed by corrupt corporations and global governments that create a cycle of never-ending dependence and poverty. They’ve seen their nations’ vast resources stolen by multinational corporations. Their agriculture landscape has been poisoned. Their citizens bankrupted by the IMF and Wall Street. And their democratically elected leaders overthrown by foreign agents from countries like the US. They’ve had enough of the New World Order. And an alliance of 133 countries, two-thirds of the nations on Earth, signed an agreement this weekend to end the West’s New World Order and replace it with a fair, honest and legitimate World Order - one that lets everyone participate and benefit, not just the super rich.
The Next World Order :  The organization is officially called the ‘Group of 77 and China’, but the alliance actually includes 133 nations. Showing just how much influence they have, their meeting this weekend in Bolivia was opened with a keynote speech by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. In the audience were over 30 heads of state from around the world and official representatives from over 100 more governments. Also illustrating the organization’s growing influence, China isn’t even a member of the G77, but insisted on participating anyway in a show of unity with the globe’s Next World Order. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro participated, telling the gathered nations they had to unite to, “fight for fair and sustainable economic growth and for a new world economic order.” Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa went one step further, telling the gathered national leaders and representatives, “Only when we are united across Latin America and united around the world will we be able to make our voice heard and change an international order that is not just unfair, it is immoral.” 
A report from AFP on Yahoo News, about the only report found in Western media, describes how Cuban President Raul Castro also participated, but reserved his comments for a call to help their top ally Venezuela. Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and a number of South American countries have insisted they are currently under attack by the United States and the CIA, who they insist are desperately trying to orchestrate coups to overthrow their democratically elected, pro-socialist governments the same way they are accused of doing in the Ukraine recently.


YouTube VIDEO - Russia Educational TV News - clik 1 - clik 2 - clik 3
"EUA engendra golpe na Rússia como na Ucrânia. Atacará em 2015 com rebeldes dissidentes".
"Império EUA depende de eliminar resistencia geo-política russa".
These people will just work on the occupants, in the ranks of the invaders. This is not awakened. This dormant.These people do not do it consciously. They do it under the influence of reflex special propaganda, which are engaged in the media, including in Russia. This is the launch of the Orange Revolution in Moscow, of which we speak. Generally we'll all say that the invasion of the United States in Russia will begin next year. Just as in Ukraine, Kiev. Invasion of a terrorist nature. We talk about that all the time. Methods of using the invasion will be a fifth column and disturbed people in Moscow. Orange Revolution in Russia prepares First Channel, NTV, RTR, and so on. You further concludes that the invaders will implement his plan to destroy Russia. Noda says the theory that they are preparing an intervention and you say that this intervention will be successful. From their point of view, these improvements still have not compensated for the deterioration of the system, which they achieved in four or five years , after Putin took off. This is from their point of view, because they get feedback .  And now they decide the principal issue - Russia. If they do not solve the issue with Russia, they do not solve the issue of preservation of the American empire . And to solve the problem of Russia, it is necessary to solve a tactical question today - Ukraine, which they attacked by armed force. Therefore, Ukraine for them - a matter of national security of the U.S. , as American officials publicly said so.

Pouco tempo para o colapso EUA. Aí tenta fragmentar Rússia para tomar seus recursos naturais.
 The clock is ticking for the collapse of the Western financial system. Its only chance of survival is to seize control of Russia, steal its vast natural resources and eliminate its geo-political resistance. In 2014-2015 one of these two scenarios will inevitably unfold: 1. Regime change in Russia (by war, terrorism or infiltration) to bring to power a new authority, whom the Western politicians and media will call "pro-Western", "democratic", "restoring Russia from its isolation", etc., or: 2. Collapse of the Western economy, in particular the United States of America, when the BRICS countries finally pull the plug on their financing of the US government. Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People's Liberation Movement, explains the role of Ukraine as a platform for launching an attack on Russia and the "contest" which is being conducted by the US to identify candidates with the right credentials for the post of President of Ukraine, which principally means enthusiasm to attack Russia, with nuclear weapons if necessary.

For the Americans, we have to be destroyed. And they believe that there is no chance of us to survive . Just as Hitler thought so, entering the territory of the Soviet Union, Napoleon and all the rest. From their perspective, they win (their score this.) It is not ours, it is their assessment . That's why they gave the signal invasion. Why? Because they understand that if they lose this war with Russia - in this intervention in Russia, Ukraine and so on - they will lose the American empire.


YouTube VIDEO - Ria Novosti News Agency - clique aqui
"EUA está militarizando Ucrânia para depois invadir a Rússia".

18 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - Jun 2014 - clique aqui
Revolta em país vassalo dos EUA não se vê na mídia ocidental. Povo saudita vai se erguendo.

15 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - R.T. News - John Pilger - clik 1 - clik2
"Pentágono controla imprensa em tudo sobre guerras. Ela cospe propaganda pró-governo".
"Over here in the West we don’t believe we’re biased at all – in fact, we believe we’re the essence of objectivity and impartiality, but of course when it comes to great power politics, that simply is not true."

14 junho 2014


New York Times - Zero Hedge - Tyler Durdan - Jun 2014 - clik 1 - clik 2
EUA estarrecedor. NYT culpa a paz pela economia estar fraca: "falta uma grande guerra".
"explica o lento crescimento: persistente expectativa de paz".
What is sadder for economists, even formerly respectable ones, is that overnight it was none other than Tyler Cowen who, writing in the New York Times, came up with yet another theory to explain the "continuing slowness of economic growth in high-income economies." In his own words: "An additional explanation of slow growth is now receiving attention, however. It is the persistence and expectation of peace." That's right - blame it on the lack of war!
The world just hasn’t had that much warfare lately, at least not by historical standards. Some of the recent headlines about Iraq or South Sudan make our world sound like a very bloody place, but today’s casualties pale in light of the tens of millions of people killed in the two world wars in the first half of the 20th century. Even the Vietnam War had many more deaths than any recent war involving an affluent country.
Well, that's just unacceptable: surely all the world needs for some serious growth is for war casualties to be in the billions, not in the paltry hundreds of thousands. Keynesianism 101 continues: Counterintuitive though it may sound, the greater peacefulness of the world may make the attainment of higher rates of economic growth less urgent and thus less likely. This view does not claim that fighting wars improves economies, as of course the actual conflict brings death and destruction. The claim is also distinct from the Keynesian argument that preparing for war lifts government spending and puts people to work. Rather, the very possibility of war focuses the attention of governments on getting some basic decisions right — whether investing in science or simply liberalizing the economy. Such focus ends up improving a nation’s longer-run prospects.
To be sure, Cowen is quick covers his ass with some quick diplomacy. After all how dare he implicitly suggest that the only reason the US escaped the Great Depression is what some say was its orchestrated entry into World War 2: It may seem repugnant to find a positive side to war in this regard, but a look at American history suggests we cannot dismiss the idea so easily. Fundamental innovations such as nuclear power, the computer and the modern aircraft were all pushed along by an American government eager to defeat the Axis powers or, later, to win the Cold War.The Internet was initially designed to help this country withstand a nuclear exchange, and Silicon Valley had its origins with military contracting, not today’s entrepreneurial social media start-ups. The Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite spurred American interest in science and technology, to the benefit of later economic growth.
So what is it about war that makes economic "growth" that much greater. Apparently it has to do with an urgency in spending. As in urgently spending more than the trillions of dollars needed to support the US welfare state now, and spending even more trillions in hopes of, you guessed it, stumbling on the next "Internet" (which apparently wasn't created by Al Gore). War brings an urgency that governments otherwise fail to summon. For instance, the Manhattan Project took six years to produce a working atomic bomb, starting from virtually nothing, and at its peak consumed 0.4 percent of American economic output. It is hard to imagine a comparably speedy and decisive achievement these days.


New York Times - Zero Hegde - Jun 2014 - clik 1 - clik 2 - clik 3
EUA na surdina prepara polícias locais para guerra doméstica: armas de batalha nas cidades.
An article in today's NYT which citing Pentagon data, reveals that under the Obama administration, "police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft." Police SWAT teams are now deployed tens of thousands of times each year, increasingly for routine jobs.
Botam SWAT com metralhadoras até ao invadir barzinho por venda ilegal de bebida a menor.
Masked, heavily armed police officers in Louisiana raided a nightclub in 2006 as part of a liquor inspection. In Florida in 2010, officers in SWAT gear and with guns drawn carried out raids on barbershops that mostly led only to charges of “barbering without a license.” The number of SWAT teams has skyrocketed since the 1980s, according to studies by Peter B. Kraska, an Eastern Kentucky University professor who has been researching the issue for decades.... The ubiquity of SWAT teams has changed not only the way officers look, but also the way departments view themselves. Recruiting videos feature clips of officers storming into homes with smoke grenades and firing automatic weapons. In Springdale, Ark., a police recruiting video is dominated by SWAT clips, including officers throwing a flash grenade into a house and creeping through a field in camouflage.
Pentágono se prepara: maciços distúrbios, caos social nos EUA.
clique aqui
  A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to model the dynamics, risks and tipping points for large-scale civil unrest across the world, under the supervision of various US military agencies. The multi-million dollar programme is designed to develop immediate and long-term "warfighter-relevant insights" for senior officials and decision makers in "the defense policy community," and to inform policy implemented by "combatant commands." Launched in 2008 – the year of the global banking crisis – the DoD 'Minerva Research Initiative' partners with u
niversities "to improve DoD's basic understanding of the social, cultural, behavioral, and political forces that shape regions of the world of strategic importance to the US." Among the projects awarded for the period 2014-2017 is a Cornell University-led study managed by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research which aims to develop an empirical model "of the dynamics of social movement mobilisation and contagions." 
The project will determine "the critical mass (tipping point)" of social contagians by studying their "digital traces" in the cases of "the 2011 Egyptian revolution, the 2011 Russian Duma elections, the 2012 Nigerian fuel subsidy crisis and the 2013 Gazi park protests in Turkey." Twitter posts and conversations will be examined "to identify individuals mobilised in a social contagion and when they become mobilised." Another project awarded this year to the University of Washington "seeks to uncover the conditions under which political movements aimed at large-scale political and economic change originate," along with their "characteristics and consequences." The project, managed by the US Army Research Office, focuses on "large-scale movements involving more than 1,000 participants in enduring activity," and will cover 58 countries in total.

13 junho 2014


Investment Watch Blog - Michael Snyder - Jun 2014 - clique aqui.
Absurdos estratosféricos: dívidas trarão o colapso financeiro do Ocidente. Incontáveis trilhões.
The following are 12 numbers about the global financial Ponzi scheme that should be burned into your brain…
-$1,280,000,000,000 - Most people are really surprised when they hear this number. Right now, there is only 1.28 trillion dollars worth of U.S. currency floating around out there.
-$17,555,165,805,212.27 - This is the size of the U.S. national debt. It has grown by more than 10 trillion dollars over the past ten years.
-$32,000,000,000,000 - This is the total amount of money that the global elite have stashed in offshore banks (that we know about).
-$48,611,684,000,000 - Total exposure that Goldman Sachs has to derivatives contracts.
-$59,398,590,000,000 - Total amount of debt (government, corporate, consumer, etc.) in the U.S. financial system. 40 years ago, this number was just a little bit above 2 trillion dollars.
$70,088,625,000,000 - Total exposure that JPMorgan Chase has to derivatives contracts.
$71,830,000,000,000 - This is the approximate size of the GDP of the entire world.

$75,000,000,000,000 - This is approximately the total exposure that German banking giant Deutsche Bank has to derivatives contracts.
$100,000,000,000,000 - This is the total amount of government debt in the entire world. This amount has grown by $30 trillion just since mid-2007.
$223,300,000,000,000 - This is the approximate size of the total amount of debt in the entire world.
$236,637,271,000,000 - According to the U.S. government, this is the total exposure that the top 25 banks in the United States have to derivatives contracts. But those banks only have total assets of about 9.4 trillion dollars combined. In other words, the exposure of our largest banks to derivatives outweighs their total assets by a ratio of about 25 to 1.
$710,000,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000,000,000 - The estimates of the total notional value of all global derivatives contracts generally fall within this range. At the high end of the range, the ratio of derivatives exposure to global GDP is about 21 to 1.


YouTube VIDEO - USA WatchDog.com - Paul Craig Roberts - clik 1 - clik2
"EUA prepara ataque nuclear total à Rússia. Acha que vence".
Dr. Roberts explains, “Washington not only has war plans for launching a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia, and also possibly China, but Washington has a cadre of people who advocate nuclear war. We have people running around Washington saying things such as ‘What’s the good of nuclear weapons if you can’t use them.’ . . . These weapons are so lethal that if just one percent of the inventory of the U.S. and Russia were used, the death toll would be at least 2 billion people. Also, if less than half of the inventory of either the U.S. or Russia were used, life would cease to exist on planet earth.”

Why is Russia the target for U.S. nukes? Roberts says, “Russia is a country that is large enough and has sufficient resources that it could rise to the position to being a barrier to Washington’s exercise of hegemony over the world. So, Russia has always been the target of this nuclear war doctrine. How are they implementing this? The United States is now putting, on the border of Russia, anti-ballistic missile bases, or ABM’s. In the Regan years, it was called ‘Star Wars.’ These missiles are designed for intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles. So, if we were to attack Russia, and Russia were nuclear devastated and pushed the button and sent ICBM’s headed to the U.S. for retaliation, the anti- ballistic bases would shoot down the incoming Russian ICBM’s and leave America untouched. The doctrine is now prevalent in Washington that the United States can win a nuclear war because we have the shield of anti-ballistic missiles.” So, America is safe? Robert’s says no-way and explains, “Even if every American city is spared retaliation, all the Americans would die too due to the radiation and due to the nuclear winter. . . . all of the temperate climates would have freezing temperatures every day of the year for three years. So, clearly there wouldn’t be any food grown.

12 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - CCTV News - Peter Schiff - clique aqui.
EUA turbina PIB: bota até drogas, prostituição e contrabando. E sem sequer os medir. É de 3º Mundo.

11 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - R.T. News - Jun 2014 - clik 1 - clik 2
Mulheres e crianças imploram pelas suas vidas. Governo fascista diz: "são terroristas separatistas".
Europa e EUA os ignoram enquanto as bombas os matam.
Imprensa ocidental os ignora, não são vassalos dos EUA.

Começa guerra na Ucrania.


YouTube VIDEO - R.T. News - Jun 2014 - clique aqui.
EUA: polícias locais recebem armamentos de guerra, viram forças prontas para batalha.
Hulking mine resistant vehicles and military grade weapons are finding their way into the hands of local police forces. Part of what critics call the "militarization" of police in America, repurposing military hardware for use by local law enforcement is often cited as necessary for a variety of reasons. In May, Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County, Ind. Sheriff's Department made headlines when he told a local TV station this type of hardware is needed because of the threat posed by returning military veterans with the knowledge to create Improvised Explosive Devices. To find out if these types of statements are legitimate, RT's Lindsay France discusses the topic with John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. 


Silver Doctors - Jim Willie CB - Jun 2014 - clik 1 - clik 2
EXPLOSIVO! EUA que afunde só! Vão pular fora: Japão, França, Alemanha e Arábia $audita. 
- "Aderem à União da Eurásia com Rússia e China".
- "Arábia Saudita vai aceitar qualquer moeda".
- "Colapso é intencional para implantar fascismo global".
In Part 2 of his most EXPLOSIVE interview ever, Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie was on fire, dropping numerous new BOMBSHELLS for SD listeners:
1. Dead Petro-Dollar Event Coming- Saudis set to announce the acceptance of ANY CURRENCY for oil, ALL OPEC Nations to Follow!
2. US Economy in Free-fall- stark evidence screaming full collapse ahead as monetary velocity plunges to 20 year lows!
3. QE has been a dead-weight millstone on the neck of the US economy- true purpose is to collapse the US economy and institute global fascism!
4. And Willie's MOST SHOCKING CLAIM EVER: Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, & Germany are preparing to turn against the US, and join the Chinese/Russian Alliance!
comece no momento 1:00 seg.

10 junho 2014


CNBC News - Financial Times - Jun 2014 - clique aqui.
Ameaças dos EUA já afugentam do dólar grandes corporações russas, vão comerciar em Yuan.
Russian companies are preparing to switch contracts to renminbi and other Asian currencies amid fears that western sanctions may freeze them out of the US dollar market, according to two top bankers. "Over the last few weeks there has been a significant interest in the market from large Russian corporations to start using various products in renminbi and other Asian currencies and to set up accounts in Asian locations," Pavel Teplukhin, head of Deutsche Bank in Russia, told the Financial Times. 
Andrei Kostin, chief executive of state bank VTB, said that expanding the use of non-dollar currencies was one of the bank's "main tasks". "Given the extent of our bilateral trade with China, developing the use of settlements in roubles and yuan [renminbi] is a priority on the agenda, and so we are working on it now," he told Russia's President Vladimir Putin during a briefing. "Since May, we have been carrying out this work." The move to open accounts to trade in renminbi, Hong Kong dollars orSingapore dollars highlights Russia's attempt to pivot towards Asia as its relations with Europe become strained. Sanctions are pushing Russian companies to reduce their dependence on western financial markets while U.S. and European banks have dramatically slowed their lending activity in Russia since the annexation of Crimea in March.


Global Research - 4th Media - Andre Vltchek - Pravda
Jun 2014 - clik 1 clik 2 clik 3
Ocidente deflagra proto-guerra. Mídia hostiliza China e Rússia com virulencia extrema.
Distorção e agressividade atingem níveis sem precedentes.
Russia and China are both under attack by a multi-pronged U.S.-led 'proto-war' which could erupt into 'hot war' or even nuclear war. 'Protowar' or 'proto-warfare' is the term I have coined to describe the use of multiple methods intended to weaken, destabilize, and in the limit-case destroy a targeted government without the need to engage in direct military warfare. Protowar methods include threats against the targeted country; economic sanctions; military encirclement around its borders. cyber-warfare, drone warfare, and use of proxy forces from within or from outside the country for political and/or military action against the local government. U.S.-led protowars also invariably include propaganda campaigns against the targeted governments. 
The media campaigns are waged by the five giant media conglomerates which now control 90% of the U.S. media and which are directly linked to the U.S. foreign-policy establishment through various means including corporate memberships in the Committee for Foreign Relations. The anti-Chinese and anti-Russian propaganda howl is reaching a deafening crescendo, especially in Asia. Western media outlets are in the highest gear, spreading propaganda through both their own outlets and through their local media affiliates in the client states, mostly owned by big business. China and Russia are now vilified, openly insulted, and blamed for the escalation of tensions in the Asia-Pacific region, and for the military build up. The entire mighty Western propaganda machine is now at work, demonizing China, Russia and other independent countries. It is because the West is obviously pushing this planet towards the war. 
Not to see it would require truly great discipline. Politicians are parading, one after another, in front of television cameras, pledging allegiance to capitalism, the Western-style regime or simply put, to the Empire. All those derogatory and inflammatory speeches against their ‘enemies’ are embarrassing, see-through, but nobody in North America and Europe is laughing, as they are becoming the norm. Many are warning that this can lead to a world war, that the West has lost all restraint and is ready to bathe the planet in blood, once again. A quarter of century ago it appeared that with the destruction of the Eastern block and with China then increasingly on a capitalist course, the West had finally got what it had fought for centuries for – the total and absolute control of the planet. But recently, something went ‘wrong’ for the West. Latin America rose and most of it gained freedom, then spat on the Monroe Doctrine. China began pushing for socialist reforms in medical care, education, culture and many other spheres. And Russia refused to get bullied and humiliated, reminding both Europe and North America that it is as always powerful and will not be stepped on as happened in the era of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. 
North Korea and Iran (countries that have never attacked anyone in modern history) realized that the only way to survive and not to be reduced to dust is by having their own nuclear capacity. And all these nations: several in Latin America, China, Russia, Iran, joined forces and decided: “Never again!” Never again will they allow the world to descend to the horrors of Western colonialism. The wet Western dream of unopposed rule over the world is beginning to disappear into thin air. Is the West going to risk the destruction of our planet simply because it cannot own it?

09 junho 2014


R.T. News - Ron Paul Institute Jun 2014 - clik 1 - clik 2 - clik 3 - clik 4
"EUA só reconhece eleições se seu candidato vence. Política EUA é: desobedeceu, te lanço bombas".
Iraque e Kosovo fizeram eleições "livres" sob ocupação dos EUA.
1) Almost three-quarters of Syrian voters participated, giving President Assad 88 percent of the vote. It can no longer be stated that Assad enjoys no popularity in his country,” he wrote in an op-ed published. “But the US government completely rejected the vote in Syria, with Secretary of State John Kerry calling it ‘a great big zero,"
2) “For Washington, it was ‘illegal’ for Crimea to vote to secede from Ukraine, but ...
3) ... it was not illegal for a mob in the street to overthrow an elected government in Kiev,” he wrote.
4) - “President Obama spoke at length about the US role in promoting democracy around the world, but why does it seem that the US government only recognizes elections as free and fair when the US-favored candidate wins?” asked Paul,
5) - “It isn’t democracy to send in the NGOs to re-write laws and the constitution in places like Ukraine. It is none of our business,” he wrote.
6) - “Where were these people when an election held in an Iraq occupied by US troops was called a ‘triumph of democracy’?” he asked.


Zero Hedge - 4th Media - Paul Craig Roberts - Jun 2014 - clik 1 - clik 2 - clik 3
Já começou a desdolarização da energia. Efeito manada pode gerar súbito pânico de vendas.
90% Gazprom Clients "De-Dollarized", Transact In Euro and Yuan.
ITAR-TASS reports that Gazprom had signed additional agreements for clients to switch from dollars to euros and renminbi, "nine of ten consumer had agreed to switch." 
Via ITAR-TASS: "Gazprom Neft had signed additional agreements with consumers on a possible switch from dollars to euros for payments under contracts, the oil company's head Alexander Dyukov told a press conference". "Additional agreements of Gazprom Neft on the possibility to switch contracts from dollars to euros are signed. With Belarus, payments in roubles are agreed on," he said. Dyukov said nine of ten consumers had agreed to switch to euros. ITAR-TASS reported earlier that Gazprom Neft considered the possibility to make payments in roubles under contracts. Some contracting parties agree to switch from dollars to euros and Yuans. The so-called Plan B is already partially worked out. The switch of dollar contracts to euros and Yuans is agreed on with some of our contracting parties. Under consideration is the possibility to switch contracts to roubles," Dyukov said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Eurásia rompe os grilhões do controle do Ocidente sobre si.
It links China and Russia economically and strategically for three decades, de facto (and maybe later also de jure) creating an unshakable symbiotic alliance that necessarily will involve the military aspect. The Russia-China agreement is a clear defeat of the obsessive geopolitical attempts by Wall Street to keep the two country in a situation of competition or, ideally, war-like confrontation. It changes the structure of alliances. It strikes at the historical foundations of British colonial geopolitics (Divide and Rule). 
Under escalating pressures and threats to their national security, Russia and China overcame brilliantly historical, ideological, cultural differences which had previously been been by the colonial powers (and their financial heirs in Wall Street and the London’s city) for their “Divide & Conquer” strategy. Furthermore, to the horror of London and Washington, China and Russia concluded an agreement with India (the BRICS!) breaking the other holy tenet of British colonial geopolitics: The secret to controlling Asia, and thus Eurasia has always been to instigate a perennial rivalry between India, China, and Russia. This was the formula for the 19th century “Great Game”.

08 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - InfoWars - Paul Craig Roberts - clik 1 - clik 2
Obama: "somos superiores aos outros países, temos direito a intervir pelo mundo afora".
E já detonaram sete países só nos últimos anos.
June 03, 2014 "ICH" - At West Point Obama told us, to the applause of West Point cadets, that “American exceptionalism” is a doctrine that justifies whatever Washington does. If Washington violates domestic and international law by torturing “detainees” or violates the Nuremberg standard by invading countries that have undertaken no hostile action against the US or its allies, “exceptionalism” is the priest’s blessing that absolves Washington’s sins against law and international norms. Washington’s crimes are transformed into Washington’s affirmation of the rule of law. Here is Obama in his own words: “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being. But what makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout international norms and the rule of law; it is our willingness to affirm them through our actions.” Actions indeed. 

In the 21st century “American exceptionalism” has destroyed seven countries in whole or in part. Millions of people are dead, maimed, and displaced, and all of this criminal destruction is evidence of Washington’s reaffirmation of international norms and the rule of law. Destruction and murder are merely collateral damage from Washington’s affirmation of international norms. “American exceptionalism” also means that US presidents can lie through their teeth and misrepresent those they choose to demonize.


YouTube VIDEO - R.T. News - clique aqui.
Rússia repudia subserviência:
Quem é Obama para julgar?

Russian President Vladimir Putin trained his pugnacious rhetoric on President Barack Obama on Friday, answering an allegation that he has lied about Ukraine with the jab: "Who is he to judge?" In an extensive interview with CNBC at an economic conference in St. Petersburg, the Russian leader insisted that he hopes for a peaceful outcome to the crisis in Ukraine and will support the presidential election there on Sunday. He flashed anger when he was asked about the American president's claim that he has lied about Russia's role in stoking conflict in Ukraine. "Who is he to judge?" Putin said, according to an interpreter. "Who is he to judge, seriously? If he wants to judge people, why doesn't he get a job in court somewhere?" "I don't think he accused me," Putin went on. "It's his point of view. And I have my point of view when he comes to certain things." Putin spoke two days before Ukraine holds its first presidential election since Russia seized its Crimean peninsula earlier this year, and since pro-Russian separatists began battling with security forces in east Ukraine. The Russian leader acknowledged that U.S.-led sanctions have hurt Russia, but he said that Russian is not "trying to fence ourselves out from the world." "You can't force people to like you, as we say in Russia," Putin said. "But we hope that common sense, good sense and national interest, will push our European and American partners to continue cooperation."

07 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - R.T. News - Jun 2014 - clique aqui.
Europa aplica chantagens, ameaças e sanções para separar Ucrânia da Rússia.


Folha São Paulo clik 1 - Project Syndicate - Nouriel Roubini - Jun 2014 clik 2
O Grande Contra-Ataque: povos da Terra se erguem contra a Corporação Global que os asfixia.
NEW YORK – In the immediate aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, policymakers’ success in preventing the Great Recession from turning into Great Depression II held in check demands for protectionist and inward-looking measures. But now the backlash against globalization – and the freer movement of goods, services, capital, labor, and technology that came with it – has arrived. This new nationalism takes different economic forms: trade barriers, asset protection, reaction against foreign direct investment, policies favoring domestic workers and firms, anti-immigration measures, state capitalism, and resource nationalism. 
In the political realm, populist, anti-globalization, anti-immigration, and in some cases outright racist and anti-Semitic parties are on the rise. These forces loathe the alphabet soup of supra-national governance institutions – the EU, the UN, the WTO, and the IMF, among others – that globalization requires. Even the Internet, the epitome of globalization for the past two decades, is at risk of being balkanized as more authoritarian countries – including China, Iran, Turkey, and Russia – seek to restrict access to social media and crack down on free expression. The main causes of these trends are clear. Anemic economic recovery has provided an opening for populist parties, promoting protectionist policies, to blame foreign trade and foreign workers for the prolonged malaise. Add to this the rise in income and wealth inequality in most countries, and it is no wonder that the perception of a winner-take-all economy that benefits only elites and distorts the political system has become widespread. Nowadays, both advanced economies (like the United States, where unlimited financing of elected officials by financially powerful business interests is simply legalized corruption) and emerging markets (where oligarchs often dominate the economy and the political system) seem to be run for the few. 


YouTube VIDEO - R.T. News - Jun 2014 - clique aqui.
"EUA criminaliza quem ousar falar verdade sobre o governo".
Edward Snowden's case went viral in terms of public impact in exposing the NSA's global surveillance reach. He became one of the most wanted persons on the planet in terms of the US injustice system, whistleblower Thomas Drake told RT.

05 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - May 2014 - clique aqui
"Sem apoio do povo nem motivo moral,  sendo agressor e sem indústria, EUA não vence WW3".


YouTube VIDEO - Secrets of The Fed - Jun 2014 - clik 1 - clik2
"Temos governo totalitário, vigia a todos, segue policiando tudo".
"Acabaram liberdades e garantias em 2001, ninguém reclamou !".
Our government is targeting its citizens, martial law is around the corner, and things are getting chaotic by the minute! No longer do we have our freedoms, no longer can we remain silent, we must understand what is happening in our country before it’s too late…. In the video below JasonA brings us some enlightening information about America’s complete and utter takeover and how it is happening now; right before our eyes…

Passam leis na surdina: governo pode tomar literalmente tudo.
Executive Order 10997 (grants government control over electric, gas, and minerals).
Executive Order 10998 (grants government control over food and farms)
Executive Order 10990 (grants government control over labor)
Executive Order 10995 (grants government control over communications and media)
Executive Order 10999 (grants govt control over transport, highways, seaports, waterways)
Executive Order 11000 (grants govt control to mobilize civilians into work brigades)
Executive Order 11001 (grants government control over health, education and welfare)
Executive Order 11003 (grants government control over airports, airways, and aviation)
Executive Order 11004 (new locations for population to relocate, areas to abandon).
Executive Order 11005 (grants control over railroads, public storage facilities, shipping).

É nítido preparo para guerra.
Executive Order 11051 (gives authorization to put all executive orders into effect in times of increased international tensions, economic and financial crisis).
Executive Order 11921 (allows FEMA to develop plans to establish control over money. Additionally it states that congress cannot review the action for 6 months, meaning it will last at least that long!).

04 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - Press TV News - The Rebel.Org - Jun 2014 - clik1 clik2 clik3
"Derrotado pela Rússia em Kiev, Ocidente fracassou em frustrar formação da União da Eurásia".
Tentativa frustrada resultou em acelerar o que queria impedir.
The Western governments’ defeat to Russia over the crisis in Ukraine spells the end to the unipolar world, a political commentator tells Press TV. “The West lost the Crimea, Russia stood up and now we are seeing a reversal of the whole unipolar world,” E. Michael Jones told Press TV in an interview. He added that the US plan for Ukraine to join the European Union (EU) “not only failed but it backfired.” The analyst said the Western governments failed in their attempts to prevent a Eurasian alliance. “So, I think this is an example of what Hegel would call the ‘cunning of reason’ where wicked men overreach and bring about God’s plan,” said Jones. 

Tensions between Russia and the West heightened after Ukraine’s Crimea joined the Russian Federation following a referendum in March, in which 96.8 percent of the participants voted for union with Russia. The United States and its European allies accuse Moscow of destabilizing Ukraine and have slapped a number of sanctions against Russian and pro-Russia figures. Russia, however, rejects the accusation, saying the pro-Moscow protests in Ukraine began spontaneously against the new interim government in Kiev. On Monday, Russia's envoy to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Alexander Grushko said the western military alliance is “encouraging” the Kiev authorities to use force against pro-Moscow activists in eastern Ukraine. In a setback to the US efforts, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev on May 29 signed a treaty for the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union.

03 junho 2014


YouTube VIDEO - Global Research - GRTV News - May 2014 - clik 1 - clik 2
DOCUMENTÁRIO COMPLETO: Ocidente engendra guerra civil na Ucrânia como ataque à Russia.
Democracia usada como arma para desestabilizar países.
Propaganda intensa formatando a percepção de realidade.

This full length GRTV documentary produced by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya examines the fictitious land of “Nulandistan” (named after Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland) that has been constructed out of Ukraine. It depicts how the realities of crimes against humanity and political oppression involving terrorist mobs are casually replaced by a World of fiction, in which real “Western style democracy” prevails. It deconstructs the rhetoric and propaganda of the Obama Administration and its European allies regarding the crisis in Ukraine and takes a look at their growing frustration towards the Russian media, particularly RT, for challenging their account of events on the ground in what they have declared is an intensifying “information war”.

The documentary starts with an examination of the EuroMaidan protests that both Washington and the Western media have used to justify the instatement of an unelected self-proclaimed regime in Kiev. The May 2 Odessa Massacre and the political protest movement leading up to the referendums in Donesk and Luhansk in East Ukraine are reviewed. The underlying focus is to show how the reality of events in Ukraine has been been misappropriated and propagandized to support US foreign policy and to justify tensions against Russia.


YouTube VIDEO - R.T. News - clik 1clik 2
ALARME: Rússia na ONU exige fim de ataques indiscriminados em áreas residenciais na Ucrania.
Mas Ocidente continua a fazer vista grossa e minimiza atrocidades.
The humanitarian situation in Ukraine needs to be addressed immediately, without the usual “theoretical exercises" from the UN Security Council’s “usual suspects," ambassador Vitaly Churkin said after a closed-door meeting on a Russian draft resolution.
“The draft is not politicized and is of a purely humanitarian nature,” Churkin told reporters in New York, stressing that the document is aimed at “alleviating human suffering.” “Every day civilians get killed, among them women and children,” Churkin said. “Ukrainian military and paramilitary forces impede the peaceful population, leaving besieged cities or sending their children to safe places. Buses of children are turned back.” A swift reaction is absolutely necessary, Churkin said, as Kiev continues its full scale military operation in southeastern Ukraine with “heavy and indiscriminate shelling of residential areas” using both artillery and aviation. Just on Tuesday alone, at least five civilians were killed in a Ukrainian air raid on a local administrative building in Lugansk, the aftermath of which was shown in numerous horrific videos posted online. [WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND SHOCKING] Yet authorities and pro-Kiev media deny the incident, even claiming that self-defense forces were behind the attack on their own headquarters. Churkin said the new draft demands “an immediate cessation of hostilities, urges parties to commit themselves to sustainable ceasefire, and calls for the establishment by the parties of humanitarian corridors in order to allow the civilian population to leave safely and to ensure humanitarian assistance.”


Yahoo News - UOL News - Gazeta do Povo - Jornal Globo - Revista Veja.
May 2014 - clik 1 - clik 2 - clik 3 - clik 4 - clik 5 - clik 6
Midia ocidental refaz realidade. Condena farsa eleitoral em um pais e apoia em outro. É amoral.
Mídia apoia fraude maciça na Ucrania, e condena farsa na Síria.
Nota crucial: ambos estão em guerra engendrada pelos EUA.
NA SÍRIA, FRAUDE É UMA ESTÓRIA: Quase 16 milhões de sírios estão credenciados para votar nas 9.601 seções eleitorais, das quais 1.563 estão na capital Damasco. O ditador Bashar Assad, que está no poder desde 2000, é candidato e franco favorito a um terceiro mandato de sete anos, já que o pleito é considerado uma mera encenação de democracia, cujo objetivo é mostrar apoio popular ao ditador.
Washington, 2 jun (EFE).- O governo dos Estados Unidos considerou nesta segunda-feira que as eleições presidenciais marcadas para amanhã na Síria são uma "farsa" e advertiu que não reconhecerá os resultados. "Esta eleição flui de um legado familiar de uma brutal ditadura e também está claro que não reconheceremos o resultado", disse a porta-voz do Departamento de Estado, Jen Psaki. A porta-voz destacou que nas sociedades livres as eleições democráticas oferecem uma oportunidade para escolher seus líderes, mas este processo é "inconcebível" na Síria atual na qual o regime de Bashar al Assad "castigou" a oposição. Psaki lembrou, além disso, os milhares de deslocados deixados pelos mais de três anos de guerra e a lei aprovada este ano que restringe as candidaturas àqueles que tenham vivido na Síria durante os últimos dez anos, "excluindo a oposição no exílio".
MAS NA UCRANIA, FRAUDE É OUTRA ESTÓRIA:  Os resultados finais só vão ser anunciados na segunda-feira, mas as sondagens à boca das urnas apontam para uma vitória clara de Petro Poroshenko nas eleições presidenciais na Ucrânia. O "rei do chocolate", como é conhecido devido à fortuna que amealhou no ramo dos doces, torna-se assim no primeiro Presidente eleito após a deposição de Viktor Ianukovich, em Fevereiro. 
Era o único resultado que interessava a quem ainda deposita esperanças no regresso à normalidade na Ucrânia – apesar de não ser uma garantia, a eleição de Petro Poroshenko, com o seu discurso firme contra os separatistas pró-russos mas mais moderado em relação a Moscovo, representa uma luz ao fundo do túnel para um país que está há meses à beira da guerra civil. Se se confirmarem as projecções à boca das urnas, Poroshenko deverá ter um resultado expressivo, entre os 55,9% e os 57,3%, deixando a larga distância Iulia Timoshenko, conhecida no Ocidente como a figura da Revolução Laranja de 2004-2005 – as duas sondagens divulgadas após o fecho das urnas dão pouco mais de 12% à antiga primeira-ministra, ainda assim o dobro do que previam alguns estudos de opinião durante a campanha eleitoral.